Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I am Healthy and Strong

It took me a bit, but I finally hooked my camera to the computer. Here are a few fun photos from the WPIG Pigture Perfect fundraising event a month ago.....

Great Minds Think Alike

Mom & Dad

My Thoughtful Hilarious Beautiful Seattle Girls

I have such a wonderful life. I can't even believe it. This past weekend, Danny and I hid from the world. We watched old episodes of Sons Of Anarchy (sometimes I have to close my eyes). We walked around Green Lake. We laughed. We went and checked out the luminaries down by the water - it was beautiful even though I have no idea what it symbolized.

I am so grateful to be alive! I still get doubt and fear. It pops up just for a second here or there throughout the day, but I've started combatting it. Each time I fret, and worry about this cancer, I take a deep breath and I say, "I am healthy and strong." And it's true! I am healthy, and I am strong. I will not live in fear of this cancer. Instead of fearing this coming MRI (next month to the day), I am going to use my logic. I have not had a seizure in over four months. I can walk around Green Lake, even if I can't always run it. I have started lifting weights three nights a week. I am capable. I feel great. I am healthy. I am strong. Most of all, I'm happy.

Luminaries Around Green Lake


  1. You cannot imagine what joy it gives us to read about how happy and grateful you are. This is a wonderful holiday gift from you to us. Bless you.

  2. Jess, you are beautiful inside and out. You look vibrant and happy in the photos and I am happy to read that reflected in your words. You just made my day. Hugs!

  3. You look fabulous and so healthy! Love all the pictures of your family and friends. Keep up the good work you are doing to improve your health and stay happy! Thank you for always teaching the rest of us new ways to improve our own lives. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

  4. Sweet. You and Danny are so cute together and your hair, wow! Very cute of you and your mom and dad, and the girls. You are making the holidays very bright with your positive and grateful attitude. No coal in your stocking! xoxo

  5. You look beautiful! Your hair is so cute all sassy and curly, I love it. You are strong and healthy and the rest of us (definately me) could take a lesson from you. It was great talking last week, know that I am thinking of you!
    Love, Sarah

  6. You never cease to inspire me, Jess! Bravo, you're healthy, strong and beautiful! We're all so proud of you. Much love, happy holidays!

  7. You are incredibly gorgeous!! You are also 100% right about how strong, healthy and great you are right now. It always makes my week to read about you being happy!! It's all I've ever wanted for you since we've been friends!! :) Love you, girl!!!

  8. what everyone else said--you made my day.
    You look radiant Jess and I love your hair.
    Happy Holidays!!
    Leisa and Family

  9. Great pictures. You have a great way of making others feel what you are experiencing. You remain on the top of my prayer list for your tumor to be cured and I thank God for allowing me to cross paths with such a wonderful person.

    All the best and hugs from Rich and Andre'


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