Thursday, December 22, 2011

Final High Dose Day (First Round)

I got a little nervous yesterday morning, fearful of a seizure, so I started with a 3-3-3 (butyrate, artemether, and piperine) instead of the 4-4-4. I took the pills at around 9:45 am and then I grabbed the necessities, a tall glass of water, the cordless telephone (in case of emergency), pre-seizure pill (just to be safe), several books, Emma and Mr Bingie for cuddling. The morning was quite uneventful, though. I quarantined myself in bed until 12:30 pm when I was starving and had to head down for some breakfast.

Since the side effects were nil, I decided last night to do 4-4-4. No effect, and this morning I took another 4-4-4. Tonight is the last pill set, and from then on I'm just going to focus on my diet, and exercise. I need to read up on anti-inflammatory foods. My biggest focus is on reducing inflammation so that the MRI scan shows as clearly as possible.

I'm excited about this MRI but, of course, I'm a bit nervous. My body feels wonderful, I have more energy than I've had in ages, my skin is clear, I've lost around 18 lbs (I had packed on some weight after the seizures). When I originally checked in for brain surgery in April of 2010, I weighed 151. I now weigh 141. The great part is that I still have fat on my body. I honestly didn't know that I had THAT much body fat. It has been pretty eye opening. I still wear the same clothing size, but everything fits better. That's nice. You'd think that the fat-loss of this diet would be the best part, but it's not. The most exciting part of these past several weeks has been the way that I feel. I am healthy and alive. It's miraculous.

On a side note, I had a crazy dream last night. I have a habit of having those. I dreamt that I was in a remote area down around the Mississippi sound, somewhere in south Louisiana. I was in a house on a hill, overlooking lush green trees and the beautiful water. Danny was working on an oil rig in the bay, which I could see from the living room window. On my hip was my friend Jenny's three and half year old daughter. All of a sudden, from the south east I noticed a funnel cloud over the water. I remember saying, "Look Bailey, see that funnel cloud?" I glanced over my shoulder, and when I looked back there were three, one headed directly for our house. I ran to the next room and ushered her into the bathtub with my mother. With nowhere else to hide, I returned to the living room and scrambled under a table, taking a deep breath. I was aware the tornado/hurricane, would be crashing down immediately. I took another deep breath and closed my eyes as I heard the crashing of glass all around me. I felt my body levitate in air and I sensed that I had been caught up in the whirlwind. My biggest concern was the impalement of some sort of foreign object, but I understood it was out of my hands. I didn't panic, I just hoped that everyone in my life knew that I love them all dearly. I remember the whooshing of the wind, and the centripetal force. I hoped I would survive, but I knew I had to acquiesce to the forces around me. The next thing I realized, I was waking up surrounded by debris. The sky above was a crisp blue, and I was completely uninjured. I dug around to find my mother, Bailey, and my father, and they were all unharmed. I hopped in a car (my college car, Buttercup, a 1979 diesel which I've long since sold) to head down to the waterfront to find Danny. As I was driving, people were walking, looking for people, some were crying, others were in shock. Then I woke up.

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