Monday, December 5, 2011

Ride The Free Radicals

I forced myself to get out and head down to the lake today. It took until noon to get me going, but hey, I still made it! All I could think of, other than the crazy variety of ducks, was the fact that my artemisinin therapy isn't effective unless I exercise. Even when I'm exhausted, I have to be able to rally and get the most out of this drug. My next MRI is on Friday, January 13th and I want to know in my heart that I've given this drug everything I've got. That I've encouraged the artemisinin to filter through my large intestine, swim through my veins, hurdle over my blood brain barrier, ride the free radicals into the cancer cells and explode them. That's how I picture it anyway.

I only have 13 more days of my artemix pills. From then I will take a few days off to remove the toleration levels, and then I will take 3-5 days of pure artemether. Artemether is the component that actually crosses the blood brain barrier, I've been using the term "artemisinin" as a blanket statement, but I've actually been taking artemisinin, artemether, and artesunate all three in combination. It's in the artemix pill. Anyway, I'm hoping that the final punch with the artemether will do a solid number. Then, after that, I will stop taking all doses of sweet wormwood and do a massive immune therapy boosting regime. It's important that I stop the sweet wormwood at least two weeks before my MRI because cell death can look the same as tumor cells. It's all so tricky and calculating.

Being healthy, overcoming this cancer, is a full time job. Erin, thank you so much for the suggestions, please thank your husband too! It is impossible for me to research all of the options, and I am so grateful that you passed that info along!


  1. Hey, this is Erin's husband Daniel Levant. I briefly gave Erin some suggestions to write, but I want to elaborate more and add a few additional suggestions. It is long, so I will send it in several comments. Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that God made the human body so amazing. The cancer is actually the body's method of self-preservation; a from of defense against some problem that is present. The cancer cells learn to survive on yeast instead of oxygen. If they didn't do this, instead of having a cancerous organ, the organ would just suffocate and die! So the trick is to strengthen the body and strengthen the immune system and let the body heal itself - the opposite of what chemotherapy and radiation do. There is no black and white "healthy and unhealthy". The truth is we are all in a perpetual state of dying. It is likely there are higher levels of health you have not imagined possible...even among those that believe they are already "healthy". Some people live for years with viral infections and are unaware and think they are healthy. Others live with tumors for years and are unaware. So the goal is to get yourself healthier and healthier by process of many diverse therapies that each build up the body in different ways. Don't think of it as fighting cancer...think of it as getting yourself overall healthier! See the cancer as a symptom. There is no single panacea that is a single surefire method to beat any cancer. Don't rely only on arteminisin. The best approach is multifacted. Iodine, ozone, ionic silver, MMS1, and MMS2, hydrogen peroxide....all these can kill ANY pathogen known to man and can be safely used in the human body. People have reported being cured of cancer with just one of these. There is always more than one way to solve any problem in any area of life. But the best bet is to use them all!
    I would not recommend something that I have personally not tried and felt significant therapeutic benefit from. For instance, I personally purchased a $5000 rife machine that I felt ended up being a waste of money. The jwlabs rife machine is MUCH more effecient, 100% safe, and only around $1600. There are several vidoes on youtube of people having been healed of cancer with it. It is also portable. This jwlabs machine really works. I suggst you spend the money on it if possible!!

    Ionic silver is also important. The ionic silver generator from is the best one you can purchase. The quality is excellent. If you don't concentrate it too much, you can literally replace all your drinking water with ionic silver water. I mostly do and feel great with it. You will NOT turn blue as some websites claim with the intention to scare people. I have been drinking this water for years, and LARGE quantities of it. No side effects. I bought mine many years ago for around $250 and it's still working great! Definitely much more convenient and cheaper than buying the stuff per bottle. You can read up on the benefits of ionic silver on

  2. If your cancer is concentrating in the brain, then you should take herbs and nutrients that are particular to the brain. I'm sure you are aware of the blood-brain barrier that limits nutrients from going to the brain. I strongly suggest taking large doses of vinpocetine and other brain boosting herbs. Vinpocetine is great to take with b17 to help with the uptake of the nutrient into the brain. Additionally, the best all-inclusive brain formula is one from iherb called "Pure Essence, Brain, 4 Way Support System, 60 Tablets" It is also excellent. To help heal the brain, I also suggest taking lion's mane extract. It's a form of mushroom shown to actually REGENERATE brain cells. This will surely help the brain heal from surgery. Keep in mind that arteminisin isn't really a 'drug', it is more of a plant extract. Ponder the fact that there are MANY plants with healing properties that may not really have been discovered yet. Modern science is getting efficient at isolating key nutrients found in plants and extracting them to bascially pharaceutical levels, but it's still all natural. AHCC for example is extracted from mushrooms and also shows promising results for cancer patients. Also, if you can get your hands on some marijuana, it also has strong anti-carcinogenic properties. But the key is to CONSUME it, not to smoke it. Find a doctor to prescribe it to you if you live in one of those states. If not, just ask some neighborhood kids to hook you up haha jk Many claim that the oil high in thc (not just the legal hemp oil), is the most beneficial part. Just be careful not to eat too much sugar when the 'munchies' kick in haha

    If you have around $7,000 USD to spend on one item...definitely buy a hyperbaric oxygen chamber so that you can use it regularly. Hyperbaric chambers in particular are VERY beneficial for people with brain cancer as there is plenty of research that shows it increases blood flow to the brain. Scans show that after regular use, there is more normal blood/oxygen flow to the brain. It is great therapy for stroke patients as well. But the increased oxygen is to the entire body, not just the brain. I bought mine from Buy the chamber along with the oxygen concentrator. I can not emphasize enough the importance of getting oxygen into the body when one has cancer. Cancer can NOT survive in a high oxygen environment. This will also help with your chronic fatigue. If possible, find a doctor that does intravenous ozone therapy, this the best and most potent!! Intravenous administration is the most effective. But you can't do this from home like you can with a hyperbaric chamber. And you also can't use ozone every day like you use a hyperbaric chamber daily. As a side note, other family members could benefit from this chamber as well. It provides energy and helps with beauty. My wife's skin looks amazing since using it...she looks years younger and radiant!

  3. This next one is probably one of the MOST effective, yet FREE things you can do. Fasting. Your body goes into ketosis after about 24hrs of not having eaten anything. Ketosis means that your body no longer is using glucose for energy. You must be aware by now that tumors need TONS of glucose. This is why you should limit your sugar intake. However, even proteins are eventually metabolized into glucose. So by eating NOTHING for around 36hrs starves the tumors. Your entire body goes into preservation mode, and it expels what doesn't belong there (eg Tumors!) The process is simple. Eat dinner at normal time. The next day don't eat or drink anything at all. Go to sleep without eating. The next day eat breakfast as normal. Maybe even skip breakfast if possible and just start eating again at lunchtime. The reason is that every hour after you enter ketosis is another hour of starving the tumor. This is also an overall great thing to do for your health. It really detoxes you and you will feel great the following week. The day you are fasting, you will probably feel very weak and might even have to spend most of it in bed. Organize this for a day that you don't have much planned. I personally am a Christian and believe God instituted fasting not only for spiritual reasons, but also for our own health. All your supplements will be more effective after having fasted as your body will metabolize them better. Your digestive organs need a break too. Do not take ANYTHING while fasting, not even herbs and vitamins. If a bit of water is necessary, that is fine, but not juice or tea. Don't worry about your tumor growing if you don't take the herbs or vitamins while fasting. Your tumor can't grow if you aren't feeding it anything!

  4. Saunas are great. Steam saunas are the best. Infrared saunas are second best. Dry regular saunas are third, but still good. There are some studies that suggest people that get malaria tend not to get cancer. The theory is that the high fever creates an environment that doesn't allow the cancer to thrive. Saunas simulate this. I get in a steam sauna and then immediately jump into the hyperbaric chamber. I feel like a new man...super clean from the inside and out :)
    I believe you already know about MMS1 and MMS2. MMS2 is superior, but take both as they work in different ways. I wouldn't take these every day. They are strong. Maybe 2 or 3 times per week. Drink PLENTY of water with MMS2. I can vouch that this stuff does work and is safe. It's not expensive at all. I purchase it from
    Go to the gym. Go jogging. Don't think of yourself as sick. Exercise oxygenates the entire body and loosens up toxins that are deeply entrenched into tissues. Exercise also helps deliver blood carrying those vital anti-carcinogenic nutrients to all parts of the body. It also boosts the immune system. Just pace yourself. Even a little exercise is better than none!
    There are also some russian machines that most Americans don't know about as most of the literature is in Russian. The best selling and relatively cheap machine is called VITAFON. This is based on a similar concept as the rife machine; it is frequency based. However, while the jwlabs rife machine finds its way through the nervous system of the body using electricty, the VITAFON 100% acoustic based. My wife complains that it can sound like an ambulance siren haha. This machine is great for any internal organ problem. It should work on the head as well. But use it on the internal organs anyway as a means to rebalance the entire body. It is a very well made machine and based on solid science. Definitely worth buying! It is only $189 from this website: You can trust this lady. I have purchased from her many times.
    There are other russian machines of interest on that site, such as the cem-tech and scenar. I have these as well. However, the cem tech doesn't seem to work as well as the jwlabs rife machine. The scenar machines is real helpful for backpain when used with the spinal pad attachment, but it is also supposed to be real good for any health problem. Scenar is not a frequency based machine, unlike the vitafone, rife machine, and cem-tech. These machines can't hurt to try if you have the cash to spend, but I would try scenar before the cem-tech. Definitely get the vitafon for $189 though, great quality and effective machine.
    Keep in mind that it is not only about what you ingest. There are many EXTERNAL things that play a role on the body. The rife machine, chiropractor, vitafon, accupuncture, infrared saunas, etc All these are applied externally.
    So in conclusion, here's a list of items:

    1- Hyperbaric chamber from $7000 including oxygen concentrator
    2- Rife machine $1600, phone # to order it: 1888-891-1122
    3- silvergen $250
    4- Vitafon $200
    5- herbs like vinpocetine and 'brain formula' from

    Scenar, cem-tech

    I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions or contact me at


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