Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seizure Story

Now that I've been sleeping all day, I can share more information about the seizure.

I'm still very exhausted, but I'm going to do my best to explain what happened.

Yesterday, I had an appointment in Seattle at a headache specialist. On the drive home, headed over HWY 2 just west of Leavenworth, I noticed my right arm becoming numb. While I was at the doctor's appointment, I had picked up a magazine and flipped to an article stating What To Do When You Have A Seizure. How ironic.

Anyway, as my right arm became more and more numb, I also became acutely confused about what was happening. There was a turn off area (thank God) and I slowly rolled to a stop to gain my senses. Just as I put my car in park, my right arm curled up against my chest, then my other arm did the same thing. I had absolutely zero control of my body (thankfully I was wearing a seat belt which served as a harness). My body started convulsing, my eyes rolled up into the back of the socket. All I could think was to keep my tongue from folding and causing me to choke. The number one thing on the article said, "keep calm." So I did.

I don't remember anything after that. Eventually, I was so confused and out of it, that I got back on the road. I was in an area of road where there was no cell phone service, and there was zero traffic. I thought I would try and get back home. Once I got into Leavenworth, apparently, I called Danny and he said I didn't make much sense. He told me to call my parents. I called them, and to pick me up but they didn't answer. So in the meantime I kept driving toward Wenatchee. It doesn't make any sense that I would get back behind the wheel. I'm very embarassed that I didn't have my wits about me to make safe decisions. As I said, I kept driving, and just as I was getting into Wenatchee, my parents called. I couldn't explain what had happened, but they said just park the car and they'd come get me. When they showed up, and helped me to the passenger seat, my right leg was dragging, and my right side was still going in and out of numbness.

Next we hit the ER, arriving at sometime around 6:00pm. They pumped me up with anti-seizure drugs, and anti-nausea medicine. Also, my head felt like it was exploding, so they game me some kind of pain killer, a type of relative of morphine. The nurses were EXCELLENT. If you ever go to the ER at Wenatchee Hospital, I don't think you'll be disappointed. We ended the night sometime before midnight.

Now, the next step is an MRI tomorrow at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. The MRI starts at 2:15pm and then I have an appointment with my radiation oncologist. Hopefully this seizure was due to stress and poor sleep habits, not new growth of the brain tumor.

Also, Danny wants me to say that normally a typical blog takes me a few hours to complete. Because of my problem wanting to express exactly how I feel and be as concise as possible, I worry and stress about the blog. Danny had asked me to just type my blogs, not worrying so much about the grammatical errors. I love doing this blog, but sometimes it gets overwhelming because before I actually post a blog I review and review and review and if I don't have enough time to make the proper changes, I don't post the blogs that I've written.  I don't know if that makes sense. Now, I'm just going to post the blogs, and not worry if there's errors. I don't think you all will mind if my spelling and grammar are incorrect. Right?

Anyway, hopefully this post helps explain the madness that has been the past 24 hours.

Thank you for all of the support! You never know when things are going to change. I had been pretending like everything was fine, and that the brain tumor was just a bad dream. Unfortunately, I do have a brain tumor. It's not something I can ignore or change.


  1. "So Cal" PattiJuly 13, 2011 at 8:31 PM

    You are such a brave lady!!! Sending loving thoughts and prayers your way that all will go well tomorrow!!!

  2. In life there are no imperfections - just different interpretations.....
    If you are blogging from the "heart" it will always be perfect!!!
    Good luck with your test and know that you are much loved.

  3. You are in my thoughts always and I will send extra positive thoughts this afternoon during the MRI and your meetings with the docs. I am glad that you had a fantastic trip to Poland with your Dad. BIG HUGS. Sara

  4. Thinking of you Jessie! My husband and I will be sending you lots of love. Good luck today. Love, JO

  5. You are phenomenal and so very, very loved. We pray for good news for you today cuz some lucky dog has to win!

  6. I always know when something is up with you. That Jess clock. I hadn't been reading your blog consistently but happened to check it yesterday on one of my breaks at work. And I saw the previous post about the seizure. How terrifying. I am just so thankful that you are OK! WOW that could have been so much worse!! It's not just your friends and family that are pulling for you, girl. Sending my love, positive energy, thinking about and missing you always!!

    ps. This comment took me about 10 minutes to write . . . lol!

  7. Adding another comment because it's just too funny . . . Each time I read your blog I want to comment. But I won't do it unless I can review it properly and say/express exactly what I want. No time, no comment. :) Love you!!


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