Monday, July 25, 2011

New Treadmill

Happy Monday to you all! My two and a half year old niece called me her "bestie" (best friend for those who aren't down with the lingo) this weekend. Pretty fantastic! I should probably mention the minor detail that she was just repeating after me. But, in my defense, I didn't ask her to repeat it, she repeated after me all on her own. Obviously, I'm her favorite friend.

Although most of the weekend was perfect, there was a point on Saturday morning when I thought I was having an aura (the moment just before a seizure hits). With that realization, my pulse shot through the roof, I dizzily got up from the table, went for my purse and shoved my pill bottle at my brother, panicked because I couldn't get it open, shaking my hands at my sides. I swallowed my Ativan (prescribed for just the occasion), and headed for a bedroom where it was quiet and I could lay down. I took deep breaths until the feeling passed.

After the Ativan kicked in I felt normal again. It's hard to know when a feeling is normal or when it's a physical preposition to a seizure. I've decided that I can push myself when I have other people around, but when I'm alone I should rest and play it safe. If I feel dizzy or light headed while alone, I drink extra water and close my eyes for a few moments. As Danny says, it will take time for me to know my limits.

Fun news...since I can no longer drive, we bought me a treadmill on super crazy cheap sale and my brother, father, Danny and I assembled it in my living room. I'm excited to keep up with my walking and running. In fact, I read an article from the National Brain Tumor Society that brain tumor diagnoses who work out regularly live much longer (just like you regular non-terminal illness people - I guess exercise is great to increase the lifespan of all. That should have been a no-brainer) than brain tumor patients who are sedentary. I live in an unsavory location for a lone female, and since Danny will be in training between Seattle and Portland until November, I now have the ability to walk/run in my living room. Cool! Now, even today after my nap, I was able to watch my favorite DVR'd show Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition with Chris Powell as I walked on the treadmill. It was fantastic! I even grabbed two cans of garbanzo beans for my hands and did arm exercises. This is going to be a great new thing!

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