Friday, May 6, 2011

Tearful Presentation

The presentation in Friday Harbor was incredibly emotional. It was powerful to scan the room, see my brother, my mom, my sister-in-law, my Carol, Libbey & Mary, Danny's mother, Susea, and other familiar faces. I had everything organized, the timing of the photos for the slide show, note cards, even blog posts, but quickly it was thrown out the window. I became overwhelmed, and for the first time during a presentation, I cried. 

It was embarrassing to be so vulnerable, but the eyes upon me had compassion. Some teared with me. I love to share my story because I'm grateful for my life. I want to empower people. I want to help them find their smile. My goal is to encourage the audience to ignore other people's expectations, and to never give up.
I often can't believe what an incredibly extraordinary life I have. I'm so happy to be alive, and I want to share that joy, my perspective, with others.

I don't know exactly why those who teared up felt emotional. It could have been empathy for me, or it could have related to their own life. Either way, I was thoroughly touched. I share because I want to impact lives in a positive way. The Rotary in Friday Harbor gave me a huge gift. A gift of support, kindness, patience and love. It was not the seamless presentation I was trying to accomplish, but the fact that they connected emotionally was everything I was hoping for.


  1. You were real, informative, funny, and yes, many of us cried because we can't believe what you've gone through, still have to live and go through, yet you've come out smiling and grateful and share your story with great grace. None of us envy you for your tumor, but envy you for your resilience and strength to fight it with all you've got. Many would give up, but not you Jess and that is sooooo amazing and admirable in itself.

    Thanks, your story is extremely interesting and you're an excellent speaker. xoxoxox Susea

  2. Jess ~

    It has been my experience that I can hold everything together emotionally until someone touches me with their kindness and warmth. That is so often a trigger for my own unshed tears. Knowing FH, and you, I'm sure you experienced incredible warmth and support.

    Just know that as I look back on my life, when a caring someone has allowed herself to cry with and for me, I have "lost it", but now, years later, as then, I treasure those moments together as some of the most powerful times I can recall.

    Personally, if I heard a story such as yours in person, I'd be so touched, and grateful, that you are willing to give yourself by sharing it.

    Two big thumbs up, lady!

    Love to you, as always,
    Dee Dee


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