Monday, May 2, 2011

Mom's Cake or Lack Thereof

Friday's birthday cake baking didn't go exactly as planned. This is a photo from my camera phone. It's blurry because I instantly started tearing up. As the angel food cake came out of the oven, I burnt my finger on the rack and I lost my balance. The cake was not completely cooked and the top started shaking as if it was built with jello, quickly jumping ship onto my running shoes. I think the cake would have survived my lack of balance, but in my haste to get the batter in the oven I accidentally filled a cheesecake pan instead of a bunt pan. Oops. Sometimes I feel like the character Romona, in the Beverly Cleary's children's book series. It's frustrating to not even be able to use utensils right, or do what you used to do easily, or have it take so many times to get things right. It's like one side isn't talking to the other. I hate complaining about it, and I hide it, but life is hard. It's hard to try and get back.

I was able to make a lemon filling with fresh lemons which was the saving grace. I took the cake from the pan and stuffed it, spoonful by spoonful, into a ramekin. I cut out the center and stuffed it with the lemon filling, then grated lemon over the top. Not too bad in a pinch!

I was thoroughly upset with myself, but now that I've had time to look back the whole thing was incredibly funny! I had the best of intentions and I was trying so hard to make her the perfect cake, but sometimes all you have is just a great story.

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