Friday, January 23, 2015

Survivor Problems

Oh you guys it's so weird. There is this thing that I am realizing that many cancer patients go through. They have aggressive bouts of exhaustion, then they get depressed that they're not out doing things, not conquering the world. One of my beautiful camp buddies posted a dark photo of herself in the cavern of her bed. Her hair was mussed, her face pained. She was berating herself because she isn't as productive, and accomplishing as she was precancer, prediagnosis. Now this badass girl, I am not exaggerating, has had more cancers/medical issues, more surgeries/treatments/etc. than most humans will in their lifetime. The girl has been pin-cushioned, poisoned in the name of survival. She is a force, one of the largest personalities I know. I remember just watching her emitting her fearless vibes, her mastery of the rocks, the confidence in her soul, and when I saw her recent Instagram, my heart ripped for her. It still brings swells to my eyes. I had no idea how much this overwhelming exhaustion, and self doubt permeates the cancer world. It seems crazy when I look her, so obvious that she's being too hard on herself, but also I can relate perfectly. It's something I live everyday. It's so frustrating for us. And it's impossible to explain because we don't understand it either. We can't understand why our bodies and minds won't just do what we want. Is it all the cutting? The toxins, and foreign substances that have cursed through our veins? We don't know, but instead of just being patient with our bodies and our situations, we get sick of it. We get sick of being sidelined, sick of not being able to be the person we want to be, the person we once were, the person we should have been before everything changed, before it was taken away. I realize, conceptually, that I may never have the same energy, that I may be riddled with bouts of bedridden exhaustion, almost a depression or sadness, but I can't stop hoping that it will get better, that one day I will wake up and realize that I'm healed. That I'm back for good. Completely. Until then, I hope and pray that it gets better, because I know we're never going to give up and just allow ourselves to be ruined by this.

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