Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Know My Limits

You guys are so patient with me. Thank you so much! 

I hung out with a buddy this morning, and it was so refreshing! And fulfilling. There are people that just get you, that make you laugh, and understand your trials, and it's priceless. With her help, I am coming to the realization that if I take care of myself (just like you guys said - you are so smart!), I won't get worn down. That if I don't take time out each day, I will drown. That this life alone is a lot, tack on a brain tumor trial, then tack on putting your story out there online, then tack on helping people that come to you for advice, then helping others research their cancers. It's taxing, but no one is trying to tax me, it's me putting it on myself. It is my responsibility to know my limits, it's my responsibility to express that, and let others know if I'm overwhelmed. People aren't mind readers. Next time, my goal is to not get this worn down, to not let it get to this point. 

It was hard to get out for a walk today, it had been weeks, but I reminded myself that I just have to put one foot in front of the other. Little by little, before I knew it, I was walking out the door. And it's all part of taking care of myself. I had been treating exercise/meditation like a luxury, not a necessity. This is my health, it has to be a priority. (Say and repeat and maybe it'll sink in.)

Thanks again guys, I really appreciate your insight, and kindness. I can't imagine what my life would be like without all of your love, and friendship. 

What's good for me is good for whomever is around me, didn't you guys say that?

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  1. Sending you so much love! You get it girl! You do! You just have an enormous heart and brain and we are all blessed because of it! Thank you for taking care of you too <3 that is love to everyone else as well whether you know it or not!! :)


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