Friday, January 9, 2015

Farts Can Cure Cancer? What?

Have you guys been hearing about the new reports that fart smells can fight cancer, and heart disease, and diabetes (among other things)? It's crazy! And gross. But absolutely hilarious! I'm not sure how it works, or if smelling farts is actually good for you like they're reporting, but this article is where all of the madness is derived from. Apparently, hydrogen sulfide (the rotten egg smell), in small doses, can actually restore the mitochonria's function. The mitochondria is essentially the digestive system of the cells in our bodies, they often refer to it as the powerhouse of our bodies. As you may recall Dr Thomas Seyfried who does all that research on the ketogenic diet and cancer, believes cancer is an issue with the mitochondria, "The mitochondria—the main power generators in your cells—are believed to be the central point in the origins of many cancers. Your mitochondria can be damaged not only by inherited mutations, but also by a wide variety of environmental factors and toxins". So, maybe instead of the ketogenic diet, perhaps we just need to smell toots. Haha! Gross!! Maybe the ketogenic diet isn't sounding so bad right now.

I hope you know I'm saying all of this tongue and cheek. I don't think you should sniff smelly toots to cure yourself, but what do I know, the research is just coming out. 

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