Friday, January 24, 2014

Dog Day

Life is more fun with a copilot. Friends are laughing right now because I used to hate having Emma in the car. I didn't want the dog smell. Still don't actually. But, as I calm down, and just go with the flow, I end up enjoying life more. Today I took Emma with me to use a credit at Swanson's Nursery, then I took her to the dog park to sniff some bums (her favorite pastime).


We walked down to Golden Gardens because I was craving the feeling of sand beneath my feet.

Afterward we grabbed an herbal tea and a dog bone. We were rewarding ourselves for our accomplishments. Her for a dozen tennis ball retrievals, and me for my longest drive in the past 2.5 years.

This is day three of Operation MRI Distraction. I have it scheduled for February 1st at 7:30 am. Since the scheduling I have given myself a task each day. It started with driving myself to the gym for an hour long cardio session and time in the sauna. The next day I used a gift certificate for a mani/pedi buff. Today was a dog day, pushing myself to get Emma to meet new friends.

Thank you for all of the kind comments on the blog lately. I think you guys are all crazy. I'm just a middle aged curmudgeon. I don't see what you see. I'm off to do my venom. Hope you all are getting to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. It is marvelous!


  1. "So Cal" PattiJanuary 24, 2014 at 4:02 PM

    You are loved and supported by many Jess! I see you as a beautiful smart young lady filled with spunk and wisdom! I'm glad to hear that you are driving again! I haven't driven in two years due to the numbness and pain in my feet from neuropathy and it is driving me crazy not to get out! Take care and continue to push forward! I must admit that I don't have many friends who end their correspondence with "I'm off to do my venom"! HA! Love, Patti

  2. You are enjoying yourself, and we are enjoying being a small part of that by being included just by reading your blog. It is a lesson in patience, perseverance, love, joy, self discovery and so much more. I feel like I am a cheerleader for you, rooting you on. Funny part is, I have never met you, but oddly, I feel I really know you! I lost someone to cancer and it was so hard to bear. I really see you as a winner who is going to overcome this, and thrive, and best yet, help others. You rock Jessica, keep it up, don't let anyone tell you cancer can't be defeated, oh yes new champion in town!!!


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