Thursday, November 15, 2012


Things have been steadily improving. I chose to slightly taper off my muscle relaxers, Tylenol and Aleve. My last pills were 48 hours ago. I am no longer on any type of medicine, and I'm telling you it feels GOOD! Here's the story....

This surgery I had sutures instead of staples. Sutures are basically extremely tightly woven stitches. Mine was threaded through the skin with a very thick type of wire like material. The stitching was incredibly tight which I appreciate (it made for a very small scar), but as it was removed I could feel my scalp relax, and the pain increased into a deep throb. I'm convinced that the horrible pain was due to the sutures, then to the suture removal which caused a shift in the skin all over my head. After four days it started to get better, and then POW.

Typically, sutures and staples are taken out at around 10 days or so after surgery. Because it was my second surgery, Dr Liau scheduled me for 25 days out. It makes sense, I can only imagine that each time they saw through my skull it becomes weakened. The incision is truly beautiful, half the width of the original scar (and only slightly longer). Before the surgery Dr Liau looked at my scar and asked me if when I get a small cut, does the scar pucker along the edges? I looked at her sideways and thought to myself, 'Doesn't everyone's?' Apparently not. It's only like that for certain skin types. She's so smart!! I can't wait until I can compare the different scars from both surgeries. Hopefully Dan can take some pictures soon.

Ok. I'm pooped. I have so much going on but it takes about 2-4 hours to do a post and although I can not feel my right hand, it is starting to completely quit on me so I have to click the keys with my left hand like a chicken and its' beak. Awkward. It's hard enough to type and make my left hand hit the right letters, but when I'm tired it all goes to crap.

Here are some random photos I've taken over the last week or two...

First Trip Around Greenlake In My Wheelchair
Supporting Movember (outfit furnished by MMF)
Bingie & I Studying Our Vocab
A Love Photo From Jules


  1. Yeah Movember and mens health awareness. Now after that advertisement for Derrick. I just knew it! You are one of those people who type with two hands. Well you will soon have the strength to "BLOG ON". I will continue to hunt and peck with the best of them.

    Every day a little better and as always you can call on team Jess for anything!

    Go Hawks( a little hello to Danny).

    Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Prayers continue...hugs and love,
    Rich and Andre

  2. So glad you are feeling better. Keep plugging away. You will be amazed in a few weeks at how far you have come! Hugs, Jess

  3. Jess hope you have a wonderful thanks giving. Did your doctor call those scars kiloide not sure how spell it. All my scars huge but they are a part of me. Love you jess I'm always thinking about you. Zoraida

  4. Glad you are feeling better and more like yourself. Good news!
    Pete and Erin


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