Thursday, November 1, 2012


This little bird can now fly, her leash has been cut! I could have cut my hospital tag earlier but it felt like an accomplishment, a sweet victory.

 I have not been awake more than two hour at a time today. Somehow, the exhaustion has finally caught up to me. It's been tricky because in order to sleep I have to be sitting up and I can't lean on anything against my head, it's too painful, so it becomes a riddle, a challenge to figure out how to get comfortable. Happily, today I've become so exhausted that I will just rest my face down on my chest and pass out. I need as much sleep as I can so that I can make it through tomorrow. I should be home sometime around 9:30 pm or so.

Of course I can't wait to see Dan, to be home and cuddle my kitty, but I'm also nervous. Dan will be working 60 hour weeks and I'll be managing myself. My parents have been cooking for me, helping bathe me, and taking care of all of my pills and such. I'm going to need to a system figured out for all the serious pills, eight times a day, reminding to eat, figuring out WHAT to eat, etc. I have a feeling I'll be eating a lot of apples :) Easy stuff.

I just ordered vocabulary flash cards and a math work book from Amazon, it should arrive early next week. I figure I can spend a couple of hours each day freshening my brain :) It sounds fun to me, I'm pretty excited. I know I'll spend most of the next month on the couch or in bed, and I don't want to be mentally bored.

We'll be looking into other treatment options soon, but after that I'm already excited to think about the future, maybe even consider taking more courses. Perhaps formal schooling of the Restricted Ketogenic Diet. Who knows!


  1. "So Cal" PattiNovember 1, 2012 at 10:30 PM

    Bless you Jess! Wishing you a good travel day tomorrow! Finally was able to find Daves's Killer Bread and thought of you this morning as I made your egg and toast creation with tumeric. Yummy! Take care sweet lady and keep us posted on your journey! Love, Patti

  2. Jessica
    Safe Travels today for you and parental units. You might like to know that Resse the attack at is warming up to me. My last visit to check on him he did not attack me yea! He and Bentley miss you and daily attention.

    You are doing wonderful! Praise the Lord for answered prays. We will continue to pray for a full + + recovery!

    Hugs and love...
    Rich and Andre'

  3. Looking forward to hugging you, safe travels friend! Maybe a few of your Seattle ladies can bring you meals next week? xoxox, Meghan

  4. Wishing you and your folks a speedy and safe trip home! Mel

  5. Yeah! Glad you're coming home this evening. Walked Green Lake this morning and thought of you! I am around, unemployed, and ready and willing to help in any way I can! ~Nicole

  6. As the saying goes, one day at a time. First things first, baby steps. You have nothing to prove, you have already proved you are up to any challenge. Every time I read a post I feel your strength coming through. You are truly blessed with a fantastic family full of love for you. It is a bonus to have friends who are really just an extension of that love. I am praying for you to live a full, happy life, what ever time that spans... sometimes quality outweighs quantity. For today, right now, go for the gusto!!!!!

  7. Hey Jess, I'm so glad to hear that you're doing great! I enjoy reading your posts and hearing how wonderful everything is going. I hope you had a great trip home! xoxo Reg

  8. Everyday you sound more and more positive and you can tell in your posts how much you are progressing. I look forward everyday to opening my home pages and work and checking my email, checking facebook and checking in on your wonderful strides each day.


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