Monday, November 28, 2011

New Doctor

I'm so excited! I just made an appointment with a new doctor, a primary physician. She's at Seattle Healing Arts, and I'm thrilled to be a patient there. Look at all of the different therapies!

More About Our Therapies
Seattle Healing Arts practitioners offer a wide range of therapies for healing body, mind, and spirit, including:

I was referred to Seattle Healing Arts by a friend who loves her general practitioner, named Takla Gardney, but she wasn't taking new patients until February. So, I did the next best thing, I took the next available appointment, and let fate take its' course. Turns out, my new doctor is an MD, and specializes in Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy. I get to meet her on Thursday.

I feel like this is the first step in a whole body healing approach. It's nice that my new doctor has all kinds of treatments at her fingertips. This is going to be great! Since she works with herbalists, I bet there will be someone who can partner with me on the artemisinin front. Very, very exciting! 

In life, we have to take matters into our own hands, especially in medicine. No one is going to fight harder than you. Never forget that. I believe that there is no one sure way to heal. When we run into a road block, we have to outsmart the disease. My goal, obviously, is to kill the tumor cells in my brain. There are a lot of different ways to support my body to make it a tumor killing machine, and I'm on a mission to figure it out. Luckily I don't like being told, "No." If I hear something is impossible, I worry, and wonder if it's true, then I get frustrated and I look for holes. I will not roll over and give up. This nasty little tumor better look out, he's in trouble!


  1. Hi again Jess. Just want to share one thing that has helped me tremendously and that you might want to find out about. I'm on a waiting list for a liver transplant (from Hepatitis C) and have starting going in for weekly IV infusions of vitamins, glutatione and alpha-lipoic acid. I have tons more energy and am going to kick this without a transplant. You're probably already overwhelmed with things to try.... but just an idea. best, Jane Kitchell

  2. And YEAH!!!!!!! to Jane too. You F.H. girls are

  3. We love you Jess, thinking about you each and every day!

  4. oh Jessie, this is just what I've been hoping for...a medical partner that can assist you in managing your own care...good for you!!!


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