Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm Back

Hello World! I'm crawling out of the deep sickness that tried to claim my life. At least, that's how it felt. Dramatic much? Yes. It's the story of my life, just ask my parents. In fact, my mom once caught me crying in front of a mirror to see what my sad face looked like. In my defense I was really young, like five or so, but I'm's a photo taken on the day before Thanksgiving...not my finest moment. PS See Linda (Dan's mom), I love that blanket you gave us for Christmas last year. Bet you thought I was just being nice :)

Now that I'm back in the land of internet, I'm catching up on my emails. Over the past several days I've been given such amazing compliments on the blog, and actually if I think about it, I've been flooded with flattery since the whole tumor-gate started. I've been raised to graciously say, "Thank you," when given compliments, but I must say that it's hard to hear so much praise. It incredibly kind, but at the same time I feel guilty, like I've fooled people. I need to make sure that it's widely known that when I'm cranky, I can be bitchy, and short. I say things that are stupid. I have an uncanny ability to put my foot in my mouth and completely offend people or accidentally hurt feelings. And most embarrassingly, I judge people by their facebook posts (when I actually hop on and check my messages).

I believe the only thing that makes me special is that I've opened a window to my soul for anyone to see, that being the blog. People are inherently good, but we often don't know the thoughts swirling around in the minds walking past. We definitely don't know what the person in front of us is going through (unless you live in Friday Harbor ((cheap small town joke)) - but even then, we have no idea how people are truly feeling). The truth is that we don't know what's in another person's heart, or mind, but if I had a window into each person's heart who reads this blog, I believe that each one of you is full of complex life stories, love for other people, happiness and kindness, work ethic, and morality. I am blown away by the kindness and thoughtfulness of the comments I've received, and I need to make sure that you all know that I have the energy to fight, research, fight some more, dust myself off, scale over walls, live with joy and love in my heart, conquer fears, and contemplate all things because I receive endless love and support from all of you. I would not be me, without you.

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  1. Jessica,

    "Can't forget, we only get what we give."

    We would not be we without thee.


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