Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mo For Me?!?

I don't know how to write this blog. I've started and deleted the whole thing about three times already. I guess I'm just at a loss for words. I'm embarrassed but grateful at the same time. It's confusing and hard to sort out. I guess I'll just start from the beginning.

I received an email a few days ago from my good friend AJ. It was an email to a billion of her friends:

Hey guys, 

Matt is participating in Movember this year, although doing it a little differently. He will be growing a nice and bushy stash per usual, but he will be raising money to help out the medical expenses of our dear friend Jessica Oldwyn who is battling brain cancer. To learn more about her brave and courageous story check out her blog: 


and to monitor Matt's stash growth and to learn how to donate check out his blog: 

Please donate!! We thank you for your support! 
AJ and Matt

Of course, as I read it I turned bright red, and thought to myself, "Those little BUGGERS!" They didn't even ask me. Then I realized, of course they didn't, I would have said, "no." :) I don't want anyone to be put out, and I'm already grateful for all of the support emotionally and physically that people give. I'm overwhelmed. It's true AJ & Matt fashion, always thinking of others. They are a force to be reckoned with, changing the world one massive effort at a time. Thank you AJ, for helping spread the word, and Matt growing your lovable facial hair. I am incredibly grateful that you chose to help me in this way.

Matt and AJ have been wonderful friends to both Danny and I. We grew up with Matt, shared a billion laughs and memories, and from the moment I met AJ, I was completely in love. They are both possibly the most generous people I've ever met. When the Haitian earthquake hit, AJ and Matt threw a huge fundraiser in their city of Montreal. From the moment I met each of them, they've lent support, love, laughter, and kindness. They're wonderful.

Not only are they a mainstay in my life, they also are responsible for Danny and I coming together. When Matt and AJ were leaving Seattle and moving to Montreal, they threw a going away party. I remember specifically at one point in the night, I looked over and saw Danny come toward me, precariously carrying three drinks at once (he swore they weren't all for him). I noticed how handsome, how tall and strong he was. I looked into his eyes and thought, "Wow! Danny's looking goooood." He asked for my number that night. A few months later, on our first date, he told me that when he first saw me at Matt and AJ's going away party, he was walking through a doorway carrying three drinks. He said he almost tripped and his heart skipped a beat. He thought, "Woah. Jessie Oldwyn sure has grown up." How cute is that! In the same moment, we were in awe of each other and it's been the same way ever since. I still think he is the most handsome man on Earth. And as you all know, the kindness man on top of that.

Here are some fun photos I dug up to share:

The first time I met AJ. We were all playing home run derby, obviously not taking it as seriously as the boys. 

The going away party. AJ and I were on a hunt for a lost alpaca. The tuques on our heads were to represent her homeland, the great white Canada.

You'd think I'd be crying since she was leaving. Good thing she doesn't appear to be offended :)

The only picture I have with Matt that night is when I stole a bite of his lamb burger. Oops.

Someone told us to look fierce. Done.

Nate (Matt's bro), Matt, Dan & Dallas at Matt and AJ's wedding.

Danny and I at Matt & AJ's Wedding

My brother, Matt, Me, AJ & Larry visiting in Friday Harbor this summer. 

I am very embarrassed to imply that I want people to donate. I am only sharing the information because AJ asked me to. Please check out the blog just to watch Matt's mustache grow, and laugh. He's hilarious, and it will be a wonderful distraction!


What an honor. I've never had anyone grow a mustache for me! So cool.


  1. What great friends. This will be fun to watch and chip into. Loved the photos.

  2. Jess, You're all to generous with words. We are not doing much, and having lots of fun in the process (well, with Matt's new facial hair, its more like I'm making fun, of him). One thing, his blog address is: www.moforjess.blogspot.com! We love you!!!

  3. Jessie! We all want to know about what Matt and AJ are doing, so thanks for posting on it and thanks for being YOU. You are humble and unassuming. Also, what an honor to get a 'stash in your name! :)
    Love you and thanks Matt and AJ!

  4. Kaal is working on his "Mo-stache" too! It's a great idea & so cool that Matt & AJ set this up. You totally deserve it and it gives people a chance to do something for you because SO many people want to but don't know how to help! I can't wait compare Kaal & Matt's faces at the end of the month...

  5. Hi Jess!
    Just checking in on you! Sounds like the move to Seattle has been grand and we are so glad for that! We think of you and Danny all the time!
    Sarah & Adam


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