Monday, August 22, 2011

Friday Harbor Photos

My Brother (Kaal), Matt, Me, AJ & Larry

While I was in Friday Harbor, I had a chance for a quick visit with friends. Friends have been such a lifeline on this crazy ride. I can't say enough how much the love is appreciated. By the way, AJ is preggers! With TWINS!! A boy and a girl. I'm thinking the perfect names would be Jess & Danny. Or maybe they could use our middle names, Lynn and Wesly. Just a thought :)


  1. Cute shots of cute, happy looking people.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    You are an inspiration. I have been reading your insightful blog for a long time. I have made broccoli sprouts and I did the same thing wrong as you my first time. It is the directions fault. You soak the seeds and then you pour out that water. When you rinse them twice a day - pour out the water. I am sure the seeds stink now - throw those away and start again. Make sure you sterilize the jar. Good luck, I think you will like the sprouts. They are spicy.


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