Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 2: Broccoli Sprouts

I just rinsed the seeds, so some of them are floating, but they'll eventually fall down to the bottom. If you look closely, you can see some of the seeds starting to sprout. Yay! My mom says it's fail-proof, but I've been known to kill house plants, even cactus, so I'm still waiting to see if this whole experiment works.

Here's a link to the item that I'm using to grow my sprouts. My starter kit was a gift, so I'm not sure where it was purchased, but the brand is Sprout-Ease Econo-Sprouter. It has instructions included. In fact, it has more than instructions, it has a pamphlet tucked inside the package. Talk about making it easy. I will have zero excuses if my baby broccoli sprouts bite it. Anyway, the flier thing has information for all types of seeds, measurements, growth times, etc. All you need is a mason jar.

*Click on the link above for Sprout-Ease or you can click HERE

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