Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flying Off The Cuff

Hi Friends! Sorry it has been so long for a post, I've been doing too many things, and I've found myself exhausted. So exhausted, in fact, that at the end of the day my mind is fuzzy.

My priorities are work, running, and sleep. After that, whatever I have left in my tank is used up on laundry and things of that nature. My brain has been pretty wacked lately. I'm not sure if it's just my schedule or what, but I've been having more severe headaches and what I call, "fuzzies." The fuzzies are when my mind feels like it's foggy. Hard to explain. It's like my brain is heavy, like a sponge that's soaked in water. Last night, without the help of a sleeping aid, I slept undisturbed for eleven hours. I basically went dormant.

Part of the exhaustion may be due to the fact that at night, before I sleep, I started reading my first real book. It's absolutely amazing! It was a recommendation from Jessaca's mom, and I'm telling you, she does not disappoint. It's called Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand. If you click on the title & the author it'll take you to Amazon.com where you can read an summary. It's a true story, and I'm telling you the writing is beautiful.

Anyway, I've been really challenging my mind with this book. I do some of the reading aloud to Danny which truly is the hardest part. I still stumble over more words than I used to, and the more exhausted that I become, the more words I don't notice. Danny's patient with me though, and doesn't mind helping me practice (It definitely helps that it's a WWII drama with B-24's and references to Zeros!).

I came to the computer tonight to share the stories of my presentations, but this is the blog that plopped on the computer screen. That's what usually happens with this thing, I'll have a plan to share a specific story, but it just never ends up the way I expect. I open the computer and my fingers start punching keys until there's a word, then a sentence, then I've got several paragraphs, and it was never what I was planning on saying. I guess it's just what I was thinking or feeling. It's nice being able to just fly off the cuff like that. No stress.

I'll share about the presentations soon, I promise. I will tell you now though that the people are so gracious when I share my story. At the end of my little presentations I feel so grateful to have the chance to share. It's honestly a very selfish thing to do, sharing my story. I'm able to communicate, connect, interact, laugh, smile, answer questions, hopefully inspire someone, and challenge myself. It's such a fantastic opportunity. My whole goal is to leave people appreciating their life, find their smile, challenge themselves and absolutely, under no circumstance, give up. That it. That's my goal. It might be lofty, but it's fun to try!

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  1. "My whole goal is to leave people appreciating their life, find their smile, challenge themselves and absolutely, under no circumstance, give up."

    YOU DO!


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