Monday, August 15, 2016

Can't Mask My Surprise

Always a fan of multi-tasking, Dan just caught me watering the garden with a charcoal mask on. 

In my mind I look like a supermodel.
Pictures like this royally remind me I'm just a regular model.
But, I'm in a rush! I have to finish the chores and get packed for a 4 am wake-up. The My Last Days 2 premier in LA is tomorrow!!!! Cripes. That snuck up too fast! We need to scream down to the airport in the morning, and jet off like we're some sort of big deal.

Clearly, looking fly comes easy, so it should be fine. 

This is going to be one hell of an adventure! It's very gracious of Wayfarer to fly us down, put us up, and introduce us all. Let's hope my cold continues to subside. At this point I sound like a two-pack-a-day-er. 

I'll keep up with Instagram updates and try to do a blog post if able.


  1. I would never leave the house with a beauty mask on. Bravo! Again fearless.

  2. Ha ha you look like a cat burgler :_) Good job Dan capturing her :-)
    Prayers and thoughts daily to you, Dan and your family

    1. Totally! Not the pink, but the grey panther. :-) ha ha. Thank you for the prayers, we really appreciate it!

  3. LOVE IT, COCONUTS!! You're my beauty hero! Because, "Clearly, looking fly comes easy"!!! Love it!

    1. Thanks Criquette! Love you so much xoxoxo Fly is a state of mind, isn't it.


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