Monday, August 22, 2016

A Letter From Dad

My dad emailed yesterday, after calling in tears. He is deeply moved by all of the generosity, and compassion, and felt compelled to share his feelings on the blog. I love him so much, and am happy to oblige!

Hi Jess, 

Humility to a new level!

Greetings to one and all, my daughter has graciously allowed me to interject some thoughts on her blog. This is prompted by the results of the GoFundMe (instigated by some wonderful friends of my little Cricket).

Bonnie and I just returned from an arduous trip. It was difficult, but full of beauty. The goal was to procure medicine for Jessica in another country, a country that is extremely poor. The beautiful souls we met, who helped us, did it with joy in their hearts, but not much more.

Then, when we returned, we witnessed what has happened with Jessica's GoFundMe and I about fainted. As I scrolled down the donation list, I could not hold back my tears. I know that many who will read this don't know me, so let me give some background. I spent a year in Vietnam 1966 and then tested the hippie world for a few years before a stint in a vegetarian lifestyle. On to logging, trucking cross country, then to Alaska and working on the oilfield in the Arctic for 14 years. I was not a man prone to tears, but in the last two weeks, I have probably drained 4 or 5 gallons of them. It's been a good cleansing, but has reached a point where I am having trouble shutting it down.

My first 36 years were defined by the fact that I was a great consumer of spirits. From that haze, I have been a very selfish and arrogant individual for a large portion of my 70 years. So through the travails of my daughter over the last 6 and 1/3 years and the incredible patience and forbearance of my beautiful and generous wife, I am finally learning to change. 

I thank all of you for helping "my little girl". I cannot express the gratitude and love that I feel; you have left me as a pool of Jello. There are so many of you generous, loving, and wonderful souls. I need you to know that if there is ever something I can do to help you, it would be an honor.

Also one last thing - Claire-Darth-Kendrick-Kat-Isabel (stars of My Last Days) - I could never thank you enough for sharing your unbelievable stories and your sweet spirits. And Jessica, how such a wonderful and beautiful young lady can be related to me, I do not know. You have all inspired me to be true and genuine going forward. The six stories that are shared by "My Last Days" on The CW Network has filled me gratitude. 

God Bless all of you (God being of your flavor) mine being JC.

Love and hugs to all of you,


  1. Bob, your letter was very sweet.

    1. He's a big old teddybear who's heart continues to soften like ice cream on a hot day. It's fun to watch, and be a recipient of his love.

  2. What a beautiful letter from your Dad's heart. Being just a few years younger than your Dad I know for a man of our generation to open up and share so profoundly is a huge huge step. What a blessing for you to have such a loving man to call Dad.
    You all are in our thoughts & prayers daily

    1. You're right. It is a big deal for him to open up so freely, although less and less of a challenge as he gets older. I'm so grateful to have such a loving, generous father. Thank you for the prayers, and for commenting. Sending love your way.

  3. Now this confirms that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  4. Well said, Papa Bear! Isn't love a wonderful thing? It just peels past those clever walls we so carefully set in place to reveal ourselves; and what we find is pretty amazing! Thank you for your vulnerability and courage to share your thoughts!

    1. He's a special fella, that Bob. I am a very lucky person I am to have such caring parents!


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