Sunday, August 16, 2015

Surprise Wedding

So Justin Baldoni, and Wayfarer Entertainment just helped me surprise Danny, and my family with a wedding. Everyone thought they were coming for my 35th birthday party, but when they arrived the film crew informed them to please take a seat for our wedding. It's a very long story and it has been incredibly hard for me to keep the secret. It was absolutely unbelievable with all kinds of surprises. Our episode won't air until January or so, and I don't know how much I can divulge, but in the meantime let me just give a few teasers: personalized message and invitation from Pete Carroll (PETE CARROLL!!!!), a gifted Nicole Miller dress from the upcoming 2016 line along with a hand written note, video messages, Vinny's catering, gorgeous flowers, Archie Brooks officiating. Dan and I have been legally married for awhile now but it has been impossible to do a wedding because of our financial responsibilities due to my ongoing medical treatments. The wedding was incredibly small, and I wished I could invite everyone, but Wayfarer hosted it (along with some amazing islanders donating various aspects). It was not our money, so I was just grateful for the opportunity. When people give you gifts you just say thank you, you don't ask to see if you can invite more. It was such a gift, and a beautiful dream that we had always wished for. There were beautiful toasts. There were songs sung, dancing, a little rapping, beautiful toasts, it was hilarious and heartfelt. I can't believe I was able to surprise my parents, Danny, Linda, and all of our guests. It was the most fantastic day!!

The love I have for Danny is the most special thing in my life. I can't wait for the television show to air so that people can celebrate in our love too. They took hours and hours and hours of footage, and I hope I get to see a copy of people's interviews and responses. The whole point of us sharing our story is so that other people can learn from our experience with cancer, that it could help people. 

The crew was absolutely amazing, wonderfully kind. They are kind souls with huge hearts. It was an honor to be chosen for this docu-series, and I hope it really helps people. Wayfarer Entertainment gave me the beautiful wedding, but what was even better is that they helped me keep it a secret to surprise Danny and our parents, and all of our friends. That was a gift that I got to give them. Danny was over the moon, along with our friends and family. It was the most heartfelt evening I've ever experienced. 

And the biggest thanks is to Libbey & Nige for letting us commandeer their new house which they have lived in for only two weeks. Talk about great friends! That was probably the most magical part of the entire day, that we are so loved by our friends. We are the luckiest people on earth to have such generosity and kindness. I'm still reeling from all of the excitement. In fact, it should be sung from the mountain tops how amazing Becki Day is. She is a complete rockstar wedding planner, problem solver, and connector of people. Without Becki Day navigating this event, it absolutely wouldn't have happened. Who in the world plans a wedding in Friday Harbor in early August, the busiest wedding time of the season, in only two weeks?!?! Two weeks! And it was stunning and seamless. I can't say enough about her work ethic and attention to detail. What a treat for us!!  

I'll be sleeping until Wednesday so that I can manage my flight to NYC for my immunotherapy. I'm exhausted. In fact I don't even have a voice, I literally lost it. Hopefully I can rest up and start feeling better within 72 hours. Talking in interviews, emoting and going all the way back to the beginning of this journey to review our trials, was exhausting. 

Okay time to sleep. Love and thanks to all. And I'm so sorry that we couldn't invite everyone. It hurts my heart that we had to keep it small, but sometimes that's the only option when you have such a huge network of friends, and supporters. 


  1. WOW!! That is so beautiful, exciting and amazing! I am so happy for you all that you got to fulfill a dream! I cannot think of many people more deserving!! Rest up sweet one! You amaze me every time you post! Everything you do is filled with such purpose and love and I cannot wait to watch your journey unfold on the screen.
    Sweet Dreams, Maleka

  2. LOVELY!!! Just perfection! We are so thrilled this came together for you guys so beautifully! We love you guys big and are so happy you got to enjoy your special day!!! Wishing you peace and rest over the next few days!!! Safe travels to NYC. We love you!!!

    S, J and O (and mystery Baby X)

  3. Wow what a surprise and blessing. You did it :-) Thank you for sharing your beautiful love filled & happy pictures. The dress is a gorgeous as the bride. What a handsome couple are. Your love for each other shines in your faces. So looking forward to the video !!!


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