Tuesday, April 21, 2015

UCLA Results

I'm in a car in Queens, NYC (I'm in town for another NDV immunotherapy shot) and just got off the phone with UCLA. They agree with UW! I am considered "stable without recurrence, with an almost exact MRI scan compared to October 2014", my next MRI will be in 6 months. Of course, knowing me, I was concerned with the words "almost exact" - I wanted exact or smaller - but then I told myself to just chill out, and breathe. Things are good. Things are great. I've had the phone call in the past telling me it things didn't look good, so what am I doing overanalyzing stuff!? Sometimes I wish I was a little more "chill" in general, but then I wonder if I would have gotten the same results if I didn't panic and turn into cancer warrior mode. I look for all the hidden meanings and nuances, always wanting to stay ahead of the game. But I think I can truly be happy with these results, and focus on helping my other brain tumor friends, and continue my protocol at the same time.

Woooeeeeee! Let's keep this roll buttered!

My view as the results came in

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  1. So happy to hear this!!!!
    Love, Maleka


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