Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Another Seizure

Still waiting for the UCLA MRI results. Haven't been posting much, but wanted to make sure you all know I'm fine. Had another seizure yesterday. A legitimate one, not just an aura. I had forgotten how bad seizures hurt. And today, the day after the seizure, my head feels like it's exploding. Especially if I lower my head down toward my heart (is that normal?). Freaking seizures. I'm exhausted and can't retain much since wires are all fried. It's a nap day. 

Dan took this after I fell asleep. He had rushed home to help me.

It's good that Dan could come home and help me. He found the house in a mess, water everywhere (counter and floor) - I had tried to get ice water to cool me down and stop the seizure's progression. He found my packet of lorazepam (my seizure pills) on the ground crumbled by my fist as I couldn't get the pills out. I was half in and out of my clothes because I was overheating, then freezing, but couldn't get dressed again since my entire right side was paralyzed. My lips were blue and my skin purplish, from chill. It all always happens so fast. I imagine it's similar to a stroke. (Although, perhaps a little less damaging.)

My right side was paralyzed, then numb, the entire rest of the night. It's starting to get better, but shockingly this seizure has had very long-lasting side effects. It's one of the most intense seizure situations yet, without losing conciousness. 

Hope you all are well. I'm off to rest some more. Just thinking hurts. 


  1. Love you Jess!!!

  2. Bless your heart. So sorry to hear about your seizure. On a positive note you are so beautiful !!!

  3. hello , are you on any medication for seizures? hasnt your doctor changed the dose?

    1. I am not on anti-seizure meds (I tried several to no avail), however I just received my first shipment of cannabidol oil, so I'm hoping to get a therapeutic level in my blood in the coming weeks and never have another seizure again. Could be wishful thinking, but what the hay. ('s_Web_(cannabis) - or google "charlotte's web seizures")


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