Sunday, April 19, 2015

Polar Bearing for FD

Alright, sorry for the delay. We've been inundated with friends all weekend. Yay! So we've been enjoying the company, and now it's time for the results of the fundraiser. Drum roll please.........we did it!!! We climbed 51 climbs, I believe. I knew we wouldn't be able to remember all of the climbs so we took a photo of each route we completed (many we climbed a few times). I'm uploading the photos to prove it, although we did sneak in some kid's climbs, but hey, they were still 10-12 foot climbs, and of course we had to do climbs in the bouldering area (okay okay, we did mostly bouldering to get the quota). Those count, right?

We had so much fun climbing; you can't beat that crew! And in honor of all those magical donations which I consider the equivalent to a bunch of carebear stares to hearts you've never met, nor likely will, Dan and I ran into the drink today to say thank you.

And the video to prove it:

It's far away, and you probably can't easily tell, but I pulled off a shallow dive and we both went under the water for a full dunk. We also spooked three huge rock crab. One of them was missing a pincher, poor guy.

Here's a photo with our photographer, Burke. After filming, he set down the camera and ran in too! So look at that, you inspired a whole new person to get "OUT LIVING IT".

Thank you again for the AMAZING success of this fundraiser. You all completely blew us away with the continued generosity, and support. Please know that the money that you donated is truly going to have an impact on young adult cancer people. It was a turning point for me, a huge eye opener, and one of the best weeks of my whole life. When you get diagnosed then get thrown into the medical system, it's overwhelming and your whole life changes. It's terrifying, and sad, and you have amazing friends that come together to help you, but there are others who pull away, or whom you must pull away from to avoid toxic relationships. All of a sudden your whole life is survival. Your body changes as they cut, (and burn and poison) you're told you don't have long to live. The whole process is overwhelming, shocking, dumbfounding, impossible to relate. So when an organization forms to help us young adult humpty dumpties put ourselves together, it is not only generous and kind, it's profoundly needed. Young adult cancer patients have the worst survival rates. It's scary in here, in this group, and we need support to continue to mend, and flourish. So thank you for helping do that, and thank you in joining us in paying it forward. You have all touched my heart so deeply.

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