Tuesday, February 4, 2014

MRI Results

As the neurotic tumor fighter that I am, I drove myself to UW this afternoon to get the radiology report from the medical records department, unable to wait the 1-2 weeks for the typical UCLA response.

First, a reminder that my two hospitals don't always agree, however, it looks like we have a green light from University of Washington Hospital.

To quote the final impression: "Stable postoperative changes within the resection cavity. No evidence of new abnormal enhancement or increasing surrounding FLAIR hyperintensity to suggest recurrent." BOOM. Done. YES! This report was using a comparison to the July MRI which is even better than comparing it to October.

What a relief! I have been so nervous. I wasn't even able to eat today. I will wait for final celebrations for when I hear from Dr Liau at UCLA to confirm, but man, I am very optimistic. If she, and the tumor board agree with UW then I'm good! All the the expense for my immunotherapy, the venom, the supplements, the diets, the exercise, the research, the sweat, the energy, the effort, it has all been worth it! Now, I just need to keep the ball rolling. I want to remain healthy! I'm already happy, so the gift of health is just more than I can dream. It is always my biggest goal, my ultimate hope, and the main thing I wish for, what I work toward. To celebrate, Dan and I are headed to the gym. As I sprint it out on the treadmill, I'll bet I'll be the only one with a huge goofy grin on my face, just teeth, smile wrinkles and sweat, that's all they'll see.

The only new growth I want to see is in my garden!


  1. YAY! Go Jess! So happy to hear your good news, all of your hard work and sacrifice is paying off. Biggest hug! xoxo

  2. YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Big love from us,

    S, J and O

  3. Fabulous news!!!!!!! You are incredible and I am so very happy and proud of you!!
    Much love to you both, Maleka

  4. Great news Jess. I'm thrilled for you.

  5. God is great. Thank God for answering our prayers!

  6. Oh not anonymous but Rich and Andre' Hugs Jess...enjoy your celebration with team Jess and a few folks called the 12th man...today is your celebration. God is Great! Go HAWKS!

  7. AWESOME News !!!!!!! Thank you Lord for Jessica's good report and all her hard work !!! We will keep praying for you, Dan and your family

  8. Hurrah! So glad. I was so excited to read about your results. That's awesome. Keep it up. I hope I get good news next week. I get nervous because I haven't been able to do as much as you with the immunizations and venum. I'd love to but logistically I can't do it right now with a 3 year old. Jess

  9. Thank you God for all of the blessings you have showered on Jessica. I pray you will continue to bring healing and draw her close to you. Thank you also for giving her a warrior spirit and surrounding her with so many who love her!!!

  10. "So Cal" PattiFebruary 6, 2014 at 11:30 AM

    Wonderful news Jess!!! I just knew that you would have a clear MRI scan! I am a firm believer in the alternative methods you are pursuing rather than the typical medical treatments that take away your freedom of choice and weaken your system! It takes courage to "question the system" but look at the great results! Continue to enjoy your good health and stay strong- I am positive that you have a long, happy, healthy life ahead of you!!! Love, Patti

  11. !! congrats, hope the good news continues for a long time :)

  12. First of all, such great news! So happy to hear it!

    Second, while off topic, I thought of you as I read this article:

    I hope that you have not been the victim of such an occurrence. I also wanted to make sure you knew that there were people out there like this, in order to protect yourself.

    Thinking good thoughts for you. :o)


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