Friday, April 5, 2013

Seyfried's Fast

After further research, yesterday, I started a therapeutic fast. For brain cancer, and seizures, it's recommended to do a 7-10 day water-only fast. You can do up to 600 calories and extend the duration if the water-only restriction is too hard for you. Or for me for that matter.

It is my second day, and I tried to do only water, but it hurt my stomach too badly. I decided I will start this off with the shortest duration (7 days) and the maximum allowed calories (600). Start with the easiest option for the hardest task :) that's my new motto.

See ya Hermie. No glucose. No carbs like usual. Only 600 calories a day. I feel like I have my armor on and I'm headed into battle again. My MRI is in two weeks, Saturday April 20th. The results of this one are huge. If the area they're 'watching' grows, Dr Liau said they will want me to do radiation. The thought alone makes me ill. So much is riding on this. You'd think it would get easier, and easier, but as things progress it ups stakes.

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  1. Wow, sounds like a hard nut to crack, but I know you can do it! You are a wealth of information, love watching the blog and seeing all the new ideas. I know you are moving in the right direction. Food is just fuel for our bodies, and we need the best fuel possible for our make and model. Learning how to control Hermie is the key, finding what he doesn't like. I don't feel sorry for Hermie at all, he needs to be shown who's boss!!! Keep up the good work kiddo:)


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