Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

I have been hounding UCLA for MRI results from my April 20th scan. (Apparently, Dr Liau has been out of town since Friday and will return on Thursday.) Just an hour ago I got a phone call from one of Dr Liau's colleagues letting me know that my MRI is being assessed tomorrow at the UCLA tumor board. That is where they decide if they're going to recommend radiation. Yikes. Although I will opt out of radiation regardless of what they recommend (at least I believe I will), it would definitely scare me if they think I am at a place in tumor growth that would warrant such a drastic treatment. Of course, radiation does not extend my life, and causes such irreversible damage, I feel it would be crazy for me to even entertain the thought. Although I don't have to be afraid of the damages of radiation at this point, I am terrified of what that recommendation would imply. I'm hoping to find out their recommendation (like watch and wait or perhaps even extend my MRIs to six months or worst case scenario - radiation & chemo) either Thursday or Friday. If I have to wait until next week I don't know what I will do.

As an aside, Dan and I had a blast camping and although I didn't eat too poorly, I did jump out of ketosis. It was totally worth it though - we had a blast and even enjoyed some of my mom's delicious cookies. To jump start my ketosis, I started a water fast last night. I'm excited about it, and feel great. It will only last a couple of days, and I'll rest and continue researching in the meantime. Water fasting is incredibly healthy for your body. I've been researching and emailing the ever gracious Dr Thomas Seyfried with questions about his research and book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer, and that's what has turned me into a true believer. If you have brain cancer, you truly must buy this book and learn about real research that will effect and extend your life. It's truly amazing. It's very expensive, over $100, but it's a literal text book that will not leave you hanging. It is so detailed. And, I didn't understand figure 17.1 so I emailed Dr Seyfried and he clarified within a few hours. How cool is that!?! If you want to combat your brain cancer, to do whatever you can, there is no other place to start. The science is proven, time and time again, study after study - even replicated in humans (not just in mice).

From the research of Dr Thomas Seyfried, I have purchased a Precision Xtra Blood Glucose & Ketone Monitoring System. It will help me keep my blood glucose levels low (55-65) and my ketones stable (4.0) through monitoring, which will limit the food sources of my tumor. No more guessing. Monitoring my glucose and ketones is a natural step since I've already been recording, measuring, and limiting my foods. I'm excited to see how my supplements effect my blood glucose levels, also I've read lotions and bath soaps/shampoos can spike blood glucose. I can't wait to turn myself into a little lab rat!

To be clear, the restricted ketogenic diet is not enough to stop my cancer, however, it drastically slows tumor growth.

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  1. I have been following your blog for almost a year and am always amazed with your positive attitude. My husband is a surviving AA3 and a patient at UW and UCLA. I would like to email you privately or talk to you via telephone. How do I get in touch with you without leaving my personal information here?



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