Monday, October 18, 2010

Life Is A Gift

I've been trying relax since the MRI, and to be honest it hasn't been easy. You'd think that I'd be jumping up for joy but that hasn't been the case.

It's hard to go from survival mode, to preparation for the worst case scenario, and then switch to happiness and good fortune. However, today, just a few moments ago, everything changed. I hadn't been on the internet for a few days and I went to and to see what's happening in Friday Harbor. An article on both websites talked about the passing of Nikki Fink, a girl that I went to high school with. She was two years younger, and her boyfriend, Adam, and I graduated together. I wasn't close with either of them, but it doesn't matter how close you are - when you grow up in Friday Harbor it's family. I'm incredibly saddened to hear of what she had been going through, and that she lost her battle. I encourage anyone who has the ability to donate to her fund, or send prayers and love to her family and friends, to please do so.

New Horizons Foundation
4570 Hilton Parkway
Suite 203
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Note on the memo line: Nikki Fink Medical Fund

Courtesy of Ian at 
Although I haven't officially asked his permission :)

Yet again, I'm reminded that life is a gift, and I need to cherish every single moment.

Here's the article:

Here's the article:


  1. "So Cal" PattiOctober 25, 2010 at 6:43 PM

    So sorry to hear about this beautiful young lady. Hope that you are doing well and will update us again soon.

  2. Hey, Jess - thanks for sharing the light. Nikki's much missed, but she made her transition surrounded by her family & friends & much love....


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