Monday, October 25, 2010

For Nancy

Tonight, I need everyone who reads this blog to send love, and prayers to my friend Nancy. She's about six months younger than me, and tomorrow she has a craniotomy scheduled. I didn't ask her for permission to mention her name in the blog, but since it's only a first name basis, I'm hoping she won't mind.

Please send her strength tomorrow. She's absolutely amazing. Sometimes a little bit of love from one person, turns into a lot of love from lots of people. I can't imagine anything better to think of tomorrow than sending Nancy my love. Please join me. I know how much the prayers and love helped me. Let's pass it on! Thank you.


  1. Consider it a go Jess. I too know what a difference heart warming thoughts and prayers can make in a life. Right in the middle of some of our toughest days, I'd feel a wave wash over me and I just knew we weren't alone. Thank God for all and I'll pray for Ms Nancy. xxoo Su Mamasita.

  2. Yup, let's pass it on!!


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