Tuesday, March 10, 2015

STC: Panel Discussion

I finally did it! I have downloaded (it took hours and hours) and embedded an introduction to the premier of Surviving Terminal Cancer the documentary, from the premier in New York. Next is the full documentary, and finally the third video is the panel. I hope you enjoy!


Surviving Terminal Cancer Documentary

Panel Discussion


  1. http://www.wsj.com/articles/cancer-survival-boosted-by-tetanus-shot-with-vaccine-1426096801?tesla=y
    Cancer Survival Boosted by Tetanus Shot With Vaccine
    Treatment with tetanus shot seems to enhance cancer vaccine’s effects, stimulating the immune system, Duke University study of glioblastoma patients finds
    Duke researchers tested whether first administering a tetanus-diphtheria shot would enhance the cancer vaccine’s effects. The tetanus shots, which are normally given to protect against bacterial infections, were given to six of the patients, while the other six received a placebo. All 12 patients received the dendritic-cell vaccine a day after getting the tetanus shot or placebo.

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  3. jessica, i thought u might find this wsj article interesting. i dont know if u have access to the wsj, so i tried pasting the entire article, but it wasnt accepted.

    blessings - zooie


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