Saturday, March 21, 2015

MRI Reschedule. Again.

What a day. My girl friend Laura picked me up this morning for my MRI (Dan had to work), and I realized halfway to the hospital that I forgot my Lorazepam - you remember my Lorazepam, it's the under-the-tongue pill that stops my seizures from progressing. Usually, it's not imperative for me to have Lorazepam on me at all times (although it would be smart), but for my MRI days, it is imperative. For a brain MRI with contrast, you go into the "tube" and they do a scan of your brain with a bunch of loud noises and vibrations. Then, they pull you back out and they inject the dye and do it all over again. The dye courses through your veins, you get the taste of saline in your mouth, there's a heat that rises in your body. In that moment, the injection moment, several MRIs ago, I had an aura. Luckily, I had brought my Lorazepam into the MRI room (just in case) and it ended up saving me from being transferred to the ER which apparently is standard procedure if you have a seizure during an MRI scan. Today, when I realized I forgot my pills, in the interest of keeping the appointment, we did not turn around to get the drugs. Instead, acknowledging it was a hospital, we assumed they would be able to do something for me. I mean, all I needed was a 1 mg pill. A tiny dose. But, of course, it's the weekend so they couldn't verify (or wouldn't verify) my prescription. After discussing with the nurses at radiology, in my backless gown no less, we decided to play it safe and not risk it. If I would have had a seizure it would have been a disaster, both emotionally and financially (the ER, then a holding room for watch and wait).

So tomorrow morning at 7:45 am, with Lorazepam in hand, I will try again for a MRI scan. From the whole experience, what I learned is that they schedule and provide appointments for MRIs on Sundays. Sundays?!? How cool is that? Here I've been thinking that Saturdays are the best because they're slow and quiet, but now I know I can do them on Sundays, and the nurses say it's even quieter than Saturdays. I'm pretty excited. Oh ya, and I learned that I really do need to keep Lorazepam on me at all times. It just makes things easier. Guess I learned two things today. :)

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  1. That is very frustrating. I am surprised that they could not help you. I have to go for my MRI next week and I will definitely make sure not to forget mine. In fact I might just go put it in my purse while I am thinking about it. I am horribly forgetful so I could see myself doing that.


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