Thursday, May 15, 2014

Settling The Seizures

Fear is a great motivator for me. For over a week I have taken all of my supplements, all of my pills, liquids, concoctions, and been very healthy with my food choices. By only allowing produce carbs I have regulated my blood glucose, which in turn regulates my seizures. For the most part anyway. I still have to keep my stress levels low, but by maintaining lower blood glucose I keep a better baseline.

I'm still processing the information from I had no idea that my brain was that active with seizures. I just thought I had a very flexible, unconventional brain. Maybe a graphic imagination. It seemed plausible since I have detailed dreams every night. I always remember them, who's in them, the dialog, what's worn, what we're doing, it's like watching a movie every night. It would make sense that my awake life would be vivd, perhaps with blurred lines of alterned consciousness. I had always attributed it to some sort of tumor effect. But man, it would be a relief to take that off the table and just blame it on electrical currents in my brain.

Seizures are fascinating. And doctors know so little about the causes. There are triggers, of course, like caffeine, lack of sleep, stress, over stimulation, brain tumors, brain injury, etc. but most of the things that the neurologists, and seizure specialists have told me were correlation not causation. All of the doctors are honest about that. Honest about how complex and unclear the issue of seizures are. Not all brain tumor fighters get seizures. 

Ok. It's pushing 80 degrees and our little cottage of windows is climbing toward 90 so I'd better walk Emma down to the lake for a swim. I need to pick up a book at the library anyway. I've been teaching Emma how to sit and pose on different spots lately. If you've met her you know that this is quite the task. The girl can not stop moving. Ever. Here's a few photos from a walk last week...

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