Sunday, December 5, 2010

Squeezing Mr Yuck

The first few days of this new keto cal diet, I thought I'd starve to death. Now, things are evening out. I've managed to keep up my 6 day a week workouts. I run for 30 minutes, and do as many man push ups as possible (averaging 20, depending on my level of exhaustion).

When I run, and I don't feel like pushing through, I imagine a Mr Yuck sticker between my index finger and thumb, and I squish it. I think about that little mean nugget in my brain that wasn't invited. Then, I imagine an evil, ridiculous laugh cross my lips. I know that I'm his food source, and that I'm in the power seat; he's hungry and I'm starving him. Sucker!


Before the diet I was 5'7 and 155 lbs
Currently, I'm 5'7 and 145 lbs

I'm starving that dirty little nuisance, and I'm healthier than ever. Shedding weight has never felt better. I have an enemy to fight, and although I respect the power that he has, I still want to win.


  1. Congrats Jess! I am happy that this diet has so many benefits for you!! The weight loss is great, but the long-term brain benefits clearly overshadow weight loss. You continue to be an inspiration to me every day!
    Love, SArah B

  2. SweetPea, you are so unpretentious and wonderful and beautiful and smart and considerate and warm hearted and courageous and a gift to all of us. Hugs de su Mommasita


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