Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eagle Eyes

I have a confession to make...I cheated on my ketocal. Some friends threw Danny and I a small engagement party and there was so much delicious food and wine. I looked at Danny with big doe eyes and asked him if one night would kill me. Quite the manipulator don't you think!? The girls hosting the party had all kinds of foods that I could eat, so I didn't cheat THAT much, but I did down a couple of cupcakes and helped myself to a few glasses of wine. I felt guilty at first, with the initial bite, but in the morning I felt relieved. Who was I kidding that sugar would never again cross through my lips.

As I've mentioned before, I've never been great at doing things 100%. The stress of the diet and amount of restriction was overwhelming. I've since decided to keep with the diet normally, but if there's a special occasion I can indulge. I know it's my health we're talking about, but I'm also wanting to live my life.

On a side note, I just returned from the eye doctor. During my last speech therapy session, Julie noticed that I get closer and closer to the paper as I read, and she was concerned about my eye sight. When we were younger, Kaal and I would hunt for frogs, calling me, "Eagle Eyes." He thought that I had some sort of super human eye sight, but later we found out that Kaal badly needed glasses.

I have always wanted glasses - weird, I know. They're just so sophisticated.  I'm convinced that it's impossible to look unintelligent if you wear glasses. All of my wishing has fallen on deaf ears though. My eye sight is still perfectly fine. The eye doctor said that when kids are learning to read they often subconsciously get closer and closer to the page. Good to know! For the first time, as I left the eye doctor I was relieved instead of being disappointed. I recently don't have insurance for eye care, and I just avoided the extra expense of glasses and contacts. Practical Jess kicked in...I now can rest easy with one less doctor's appointment. Woo hoo!

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