Monday, January 30, 2017

UCLA Update 2017

I hesitate to talk about it, because I don't want to exploit the beauty, but on Saturday, because of the Skid Row Carnival of Love, I had the opportunity to meet a man who lives on The streets in LA. 

Dan and I on our way to Skid Row Carnival of Love

We're down here for medical reasons, and I was supposed to spend this weekend relaxing, finding my truth, maybe soaking up some sun, following my intuition, making decisions on what to do for treatment, but when I realized I had an opportunity to connect, for life to not be about me, my own issues, I knew it would make me happier than spending time reading a book, or thinking about life or my own issues. 

Yep, again I realize retrospectively, I'm not taking care of myself. Or am I? I mean, each day we make make decisions, each moment, depending on the pace, on what fulfills us, that which can also heal us.

I wanted to do for others, for Mike my new friend from NC, what I have done for my own grandma, what Dan does for me, I wanted to wash feet. 

There's this raw humanity of touching feet. It's vulnerable, and raw, and for people to open themselves to that private pocket of their life, it's incredibly endearing. That Mike trusted me, and that I could give him human touch.

My god we laughed!! I couldn't deny his quarterback, Cam Newton (who I always refer to as a transformer - have you seen him???), and he kept hollering toward Dan, "Blue 42 - Blue 42. He's a big boy!"

It has been an insane weekend of connecting, and loving, and until last night and today, I was worried about others, and trusting that the universe had my back. That's a wonderful thing, but also dangerous, because we are the only ones who can take care of ourselves. No one can tell me what to do, no one can tell me what is best, I have to find my inner voice, I have to reconnect with what feels right in my soul.

This morning we were told that the areas in my brain are most likely resectable. My god that is GREAT news. Regardless of the reality of a brain surgery. (No small potatoes.) In every moment when I receive complicated news, we immediately spin it. I have lost so many brain tumor friends because their tumors were inoperable, and I recognize the good fortune in my life. 

For now we will focus on removing negative influences, drains, and we will be enforcing a fabulous new protocol that includes a multi-focal awesome new set of rules that focus on laughter, fresh air, connecting, and loving. Sometimes you have to bring it back to the basics, and heal before you can help others. It feels horribly uncomfortable, but I have work to do during these next few weeks until surgery. 

I want to live. I want to learn. I love to love. And to make that happen, I have to focus.

Thank you for loving us, for supporting us, and I am so sorry that I'm not able to respond to everyone - the amazing comments and FB posts, or IG posts, my phone - the texts, calls, emails - they mean SO MUCH to me, they lift me up, which lifts up Dan - because honestly, Dan gets the brunt of carrying the weight. He is the silent hero. I know you see it, you have to. I would be a completely different person without his strength.

And thank you for sending your prayers, and love, after that last post, I swear your love was absolutely palpable! I couldn't even believe it! When I receive that love, it overwhelms my body in a way that I finally calm down, and rest. I laugh more, I feel that energy. So thank you! I just need to heal so that I can give it right back to you, to everyone. 


  1. You are AMAZING Jessica! Great news!!!!!!! I can feel your smile through this post! Thank you for being you. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜˜

  2. Oh Jess and Dan,

    How we love you all so much. What amazing news. Feel the love, my loves, because it is coming your way daily. Rest, gear up and holler with whatever you need. We will be here. Always.

    S, J, O and X

  3. What a beautiful post. What a beautiful spirit!

  4. Thank you for sharing your amazing news with everyone. Love to you, Dan & your family. Dan IS !!! a hero. People so often forget that we spouses agonize too. Bless your sweet heart for sharing about your precious Dan.
    Love & Prayers

  5. Oh Jessica my heart is swelling hearing this great news. We are all so fortunate. Just so you know it's not all about you, lol. Zeki and I came to Mexico Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning he was in severe pain that we rushed to ER in this town in the middle of the Country. After over 8 hours there with them pumping him full of antibiotics and pain med drip a specialist arrived and through the wonder on google translate he diagnosed him as having kidney stones and much infection in his stomach area. He feels bad enough that we are heading home at the airport now in Mexico.
    It could have been and still could be a fatal situation. We are so very grateful and reading your good news adds to that for me. Love ❤️ you.

  6. Blessings to one of the bravest most beautiful silver lining finders I know! Always in my prayers.

  7. Sending prayers and hugs to you! You are in the best hands with Dr. Liau and her crew.
    Rest my friend...You've got this

  8. It is good news, you know the territory. So glad you joined the homeless effort last weekend, I have been following Justin since your show. He's a good guy. Positive thoughts forever. Debbie and Bill

  9. I am sending all the awesomeness I can harness your way! You are brave and sweet and put it all out there out of love for everyone and everything. Thank you! (And you too, Dan!)

  10. How are you doing? I believe you have surgery scheduled for March, it is getting close. If possible, could you give us an update before the surgery, we love you and want to know how you are doing!


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