Thursday, July 23, 2015

Podcast Interview "Living With..."

I had the honor of being interviewed for the podcast, "Living With..." recently. Here is what this iTunes channel is all about (in Tom's own words): 


Living With… is about those living with cancer and other diseases or challenges. It's a community of inspirational people who got some bad news, were dealt a terrible hand, a horrible diagnosis, which changed their lives forever. I have Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a progressive bone marrow disease which robs the body of its ability to produce blood cells and fight infection. For some reason the body stops making proper blood cells, leaving the body weak and vulnerable. Treatments include blood transfusions, drugs to boost blood cell production, and ultimately bone marrow transplant. My levels have declined considerably. I take drugs to keep my levels from declining even more, but no one knows how long they will work. I get routine blood tests to monitor my levels. I used to be an avid runner and have run several 5k, 10k, half & full marathons. I suffer from lack of energy and fatigue, but I’m able to work and do most things if I pace myself. Now, I am a walker, but I haven’t given up. I miss running, but I’m alive! The Living With Podcast is my way of bringing you interviews with inspirational people who are living with cancer, illness, and other challenges. I feel we can learn a lot from them, be inspired by them and ultimately live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. I hope you will listen to the podcast and will be entertained and inspired!

It's a little bit long because, hey, it's me - I was born talking - but you could listen to some, go take care of some stuff, then come back, etc. I had a blast talking with Tom, and it was really fun to listen to his other podcasts and hear other people's stories. It is a privilege to share my story with others. It is a privilege that I am here on this earth. I am humbled that Tom found my story to be one that would be a benefit to the community. 

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