Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nasal Down Sublingual To Go

Can you see....?

There is no chlorotoxin left!!! My nasal applications are completed. No more every four hour applications. No more hanging over park benches, and airplane seats with my head at the floor and feet on the ceiling. The things I have done to keep on this crazy schedule for the past few years has been wild. Everything has centered around the applications, all of my sleep, my food and drink, all of it.

I still have the oral applications for a few more days, but when that's over Dan and I will celebrate and high five, and maybe do a special dance in the living room, or maybe on the lawn. I will sleep in for once (maybe twice) and nap whenever I want. That's the most joyous part of this new chapter. I will enter a stage of full restfulness. And it is so needed. I'm never fully rested, and it effects the seizure activity. Maybe this is going to be the end of my seizures. What about that! Why not, really? It could be the saving grace. I'm just exhausted from tracking all of this stuff. A break. Wow. A break to celebrate and all I want is to be able to sleep. I may sleep for four days consecutively when the mouth venom ends next week. Glorious. I am counting down the days. I'm coming back into the land of the living, and it has never felt so perfect.

I never thought I would get back to being excited for my tens and tens of pills multiple times a day. Aaaaah the good life of pills upon pills upon pills. 

I don't know what I'm doing, but I hope I'm able to do it well. That this cocktail of approaches bode well for my body. That I may heal.

It's a new era, and I will evolve with the times.

I'm still soaking it up. 


  1. Yay for you !!!!! Such super news. Thank you for sharing your update. Although I may not comment I do read your blog & check daily for your news dear girl.

  2. WOW...This is wonderful news!! So happy for you & Dan .
    Hugs to you both !!!!

  3. Congratulations !!!!! Great news :-)


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