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How to get into the Duke Polio Virus immunotherapy trial for GBM

Hey Friends,

I received an email this morning from Life Extension (the supplement company) with details about Duke's re-engenineered polio virus immunotherapy that is having amazing results. There are whispers of cures, and miracles. It's not something that's applicable for me in my stage of cancer, but I'm here to help you get the information to see if perhaps it can help you survive. There is even a phone number for a direct call to be evaluated for inclusion in the trial. I hope this works for people. Good luck! Fight on my friends. Look outside the box, ask questions, know your needs, and keep your eyes open. 


Duke Polio Trial for Glioblastoma

In 2013Life Extension® announced a discovery that added precious years to people stricken with a lethal brain cancer called glioblastoma. The drug shown effective was valganciclovir, which is typically prescribed to treat cytomegalovirus. 
In 2015, CBS News 60 Minutes featured a story about research emanating from Duke University Medical Center showing complete responses in terminal glioblastoma patients who were administered a re-engineered polio virus directly into their brain tumor. The re-engineered virus prompted a powerful immune response against the viral-infected cancer cells that in some patients appear to eradicate their glioblastoma. 
The Magnitude of Human Carnage 
Each month, 1,000 Americans die from glioblastoma. Up until now there was no cure. Survival from time of glioblastoma diagnosis averages only 15 months. 
Valganciclovir extended survival to over four years in some studies. Doctors are cautiously optimistic that this re-engineered polio virus may be curative. 
How to Enroll in Duke University Study
If you or someone you know suffers from glioblastoma, here is the patient criteria needed to participate in this Phase I clinical study: 

  1. You must have a recurrent glioblastoma (meaning you must already have failed at least one conventional treatment). 
  1. You can only have 1 area of tumor. 
  1. You must be fully functional, that means totally coherent and be able to walk and do things on your own. 

If you said yes to all 3, call and speak to Brittany at 919-684-5301and press option 1. Brittany will set you up to speak with the nurse who will continue with the medical screening process to see if you qualify to enter the trial. 
Questions Life Extension Asked Duke University
Question: How many glioblastoma patients is Duke accepting? 
Answer: There are no limits at this point. People have to qualify after they provide us with their medical histories and complete all the paperwork. If accepted, they then meet the nurses and doctors for their appointments. 
Question: How long is the wait to begin treatment? 
Answer: Treatment starts after the patient meets all the appointments and completes the screening. Patients start treatment as soon as everything is in order. 
Question: Are younger people given preferential treatment? 
Answer: No. 
Question: How many people are not getting treatment because of the favorable 60 Minutes report? 
Answer: No one is rejected. We have had a lot of calls, but have been able to handle them. The pre-screening questions help to eliminate wasting time so we can continue the screening process and see if people qualify for the study after all the preliminary work is done. That is based on them meeting their appointment times, sending in the paperwork and meeting all the other necessary criteria, etc. 
We Applaud Duke University…
But More Lives May Have Been Saved 
It appears this re-engineered polio virus therapy could have been introduced sooner had it not been for bureaucratic hurdles regarding human clinical research that Congress has to fix. Glioblastoma is considered virtually 100% terminal and no human should be denied access to an experimental therapy that has a credible chance of working. 
View the 60 Minutes segment about this new treatment for glioblastoma.
To inquire about qualifying for this Duke University study, call Brittany at 919-684-5301 and press option 1. If you meet eligibility criteria, Brittany will set you up to speak with the nurse who will continue with the medical screening process to see if you qualify to enter the trial.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information

    1. My pleasure, I hope it helps. Always good to have more resources and backup plans.

  2. Happy 4th of July weekend. :-) to you and your family

    1. Thank you so much! Thank you for thinking of us. :) I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July celebration too!

  3. Hi Jessica, What do you mean by "You can only have 1 area of tumor". Do you mean that you can only have 1 Gioblastoma tumor in your brain? I would like to get my niece's daughter into this program, but I don't know where to start. She has Gioblastoma Stage 4, and I understand she has tumors in 3-areas of her brain (not sure if they are all Gioblastoma). Thanks, Al

    1. Hi Al, I'm sorry to hear about your niece. Do you mean that the tumor is in three areas or there are three tumors? Either way, there's a phone number to call Duke toward the end of the post. I'd call them directly and ask them. Who knows what the trial is requiring or not requiring at this point. Good luck!! And let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

  4. Hi Jessica, Thanks very much for your quick response. With everything you have to deal with yourself, it is amazing that you still take the time to help others. You are an angel and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I said a prayer for you. I can't really answer your question. I believe it was the same tumor in 3 places or areas, however I am not certain about that. I know my sister and niece know the answer, they will be prepared with the info when they call Duke according to the info you provided. Again, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help at a time like this. Sincerely, Al

    1. Hey Al, It's my pleasure to help! And thank you for the prayer. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers as well. And let me know if there's anything else I can ever do to help!

    2. Hi Jessica, My daughter has grade 4 Glioblastoma and is currently doing radiation on the tumor. From what I understand, they will only consider one at Duke if they had both radiation and chemo and then found out that the tumor has come back. I would like to get my daughter in the study but would like to know if this is a fact that both radiation and chemo would have to first be completed? Thank you for you concern for others. Regards, Jim

    3. Hi Jim,

      First, I'm really sorry to hear about your daughter's diagnosis. As far as the requirements to get into the trial at Duke, I don't know if they're requiring rad & chemo (although, I wouldn't be surprised). There's the contact info near the bottom of the post, but I'll include it here too. Maybe you can give them a call and see if she can get in..."To inquire about qualifying for this Duke University study, call Brittany at 919-684-5301 and press option 1." Good luck, I'll be thinking of you guys. ❤️

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  6. As usual the Government has caused another death. The love of my life was taken from me two weeks ago after exactly one year from diagnosis. He had the radiation and chemo but the GBM re occurred. If this treatment were available quickly and easily this never would have happened but alas he is at peace but I & his family miss him so.

  7. Are there any promising studies for newly diagnosed people with GBM?


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