Wednesday, December 31, 2014

SHAPE Magazine Interview

Over the holidays, I was contacted by one of SHAPE Magazine's associate editors about an article she was writing about the language we should use when we talk about cancer. If interested, you can read the article below. The hard part in being interviewed is that things always come up later, things you forgot. When I talked to Dan about it we discussed how in the past I used a lot of "war" terminology. I always used to feel like I was in battle, that my body was waging a war against cancer. I have since changed my view. It was too exhausting to think that I may be "fighting" for the rest of my life. I knew that I didn't have the stamina. Fighting is exhausting. Now I see cancer as unhealthy cells that may be in my body. I see them as damaged, bruised, weak. But I also believe that my body can heal the residual cancer cells in my body, or perhaps turn their activity "off", with my immune system's help. I don't completely know if that's a scientific fact, that cancer cells can differentiate into healthy cells, but I like to think it's possible.

Regardless of how I look at it, we all have different perspectives and they're all right. It's hard enough as it is to imagine us all having to feel the same way. I think that whatever terminology that's comfortable to you is how you should describe the experiences on your journey.

I was shocked to be contacted, and it was an honor to be interviewed. Happy New Year you guys. I love you all.

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