Monday, December 8, 2014

Pick Positive

Wow, life has been in the fast lane lately, I havent even found the time to post, but here I am. I'm back!

As I rode the train to the airport this morning I thought about how much my life has changed. That it was put on hold, due to the tumor, causing a necessary pause. A scramble then a freeze. And now, like the thaw from a very long winter, my leaves are unfurling, and I may even flower this year. Do I still get scared? Hell yes. Every day. I have all the same cancer fears, but the stubborn voice in my mind says, "Don't borrow trouble." I want to live until I can live no longer. I want to laugh, and dance, and read, and hug, and learn, and share, until my last breath. Life is so freaking fun I can't even stand it. And people are so nice. Why focus on the negative? It's so boring. 

So now I'm at the airport meeting my buddy Linden. I think I've mentioned her before, but can't remember, she's fighting an AA3. We're headed to San Fran to check out a new cancer research facility. Although, I don't know if I can talk about it much yet, as it isn't up and public. So we'll leave it at that. Suffice to say that there is more hope out there than people can even imagine. So keep fighting, keep smiling, keep those negative voices down. 

It's another beautiful day.

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