Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Still Waiting

Still waiting to hear back from UCLA's tumor board. My doctor was out of town last Friday, and she wanted to review recommendations before addressing patients, so my results were postponed. Then I gave Monday for them to catch up, and called Tuesday, but of course it was Veterans Day, so the offices were closed. Now it's Wednesday, the day of the week that UCLA's tumor board meets, so I'm sure the offices are backed up and crazy.

I'm still just as nervous as before, but very hopeful that when we do hear my results, everything will be fine. In fact, maybe I'll call right now and see what I can find out. The waiting is the hard part. Living with cancer, and scans, is an incredible lesson in patience. :)


  1. Good luck, Jessica! You are in my thoughts (and not in creepy way)

  2. WOOHOO!!!!!!
    Pete and Erin


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