Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We Are Strong Beyond Measure

I can feel it in my bones; I've turned a new leaf. I am no longer fighting this role I've inherited on Earth, this brain tumor life. I am whole heartedly embracing it. I'm enthralled with the research, the supplements, the current treatments, the treatments down the line. I am happy to eat my veggies, and down fish, flax seed, and coconut oil. I'm thriving on clove after clove of garlic and pill after pill. 

I can't believe medical professionals - educated people - said I wouldn't walk or run or read again after my hematoma. Here I am, I'm thriving. My brain is so happy it wants to kiss me. I just went down to the lake to take a break from all of the cancer research, and my light reading is on quantum physics. And I love it. It makes sense. It excites me, and challenges me, and makes me giddy. Who would have thought? Clearly not the doctors. 

The brain is miraculous, and if you treat it with kindness, feeding it the right foods, exercising it with new stimuli and challenge it, it will sprout new cells, and new connections will be made. I can't believe that I'm one of the lucky ones where my diet and lifestyle and perseverance is working to heal my damaged brain. Depending on the damage, I'm sure it doesn't work for everyone. That's the thing about life, there aren't any guarantees. All you can do is give it your best shot. And never give up. And when miracles happen along the way, whether they may be small or large, celebrate your fortune.

It has taken 4.5 years to recover from the hematoma and hardening of my duramater. It almost killed me, but it didn't. Some people like to say, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I hate that saying. I think I was always this strong, just as strong as I needed to be to get to where I am today. I didn't need a disaster, a diagnosis, to make me into a new person. It was always in me. I think that's true with all people. Some may just need to dig a little, but it's there. We're all infinitely capable. We're strong beyond measure. We just have to believe in ourselves. 


  1. That was beautiful. So happy for you!

  2. I can feel your excitement. Love you :)

  3. I love your wisdom !!!!


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