Friday, March 21, 2014

Join Us At Brickworks

Dan and I made it back home from NYC late last night. It was a whirlwind of dinners with friends (Steph, John & Octavia and Nate, Miriam & baby bump). We toured ground zero, then ran around the greenway, waving at Miss Liberty, hit the High Line, zoomed through Time Square, wandered down 5th Ave, jogged Central Park, stopping through Grand Central Station, we sweated all over the city - it was a dream trip. You can cover so much ground by running. Somewhere in the controlled chaos was the NDV shot, but for the first time it wasn't the center, not the focus, of the trip. I felt free, and confident, laughing with Dan as beads of sweat rolled down our temples and we dodged the madness that is Manhattan. The dinners we spent with friends were intoxicating. To be alive, and free, and capable, and curious, and happy, and strong, makes my soul dance and warms my spirit until I can't help but smile, to the point where I have to veil my teeth because they're cold. It's a powerful feeling.

(John, Steph, Octavia, me & Dan)

(Miriam, baby bump, Nate, me & Dan)

(tiny Statue of Liberty beside my head)

(Freedom Tower)

(Rockefeller Center)

(Found a statue in Central Park commemorating a Polish king - hi Polish family!!)

(Grand Central Station)

Today, we head to Friday Harbor for the Run Ladies Run race that takes place in the morning. I'd been planning on walking the 10k with a group of girl friends, and I'm sure I still will, but my legs are intching, almost trembling with excitement, with the idea of a run. It is so hard to force myself to walk when my quads love the burn.

If you're in Friday Harbor tomorrow night, please stop by Brickworks for the Barn Dance between 5-10 and say hello. You don't have to donate any money to get in, and we love kids, so please bring the whole family. I'm really excited to get to hug people and say hello. There will be pizza by the slice thanks to Daniel at Van Go's. He have us a screaming deal so that we can make a little profit to benefit my medical fund. But please don't feel like you have to eat, or spend any money, just come to say hello and laugh and visit with friends. 

I borrowed this photo of Daniel at Van Go's from - I hope Tim doesn't mind. The island news sources have been incredibly kind in getting the word out. Hope to see your smiling faces!


  1. Absolutely LOVED seeing you guys, meeting Dan (officially) and just "shooting the breeze"! Can't wait till the next time!

  2. You guys are indeed, THE. BEST. So glad you had such a great visit! So great to meet Dan in person (He's a gem!) and you, my love, light us up every time we see you! Until the next one!

    S,J and O! xx


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