Monday, March 17, 2014

Dan's NYC Adventure

Good Morning! Busy week ahead, and my mind is already happily spinning. I've been buzzing around the house doing final laundry so that Dan and I have all the clothes available to pack. Yep, you read correctly, Dan's joining me in New York for my immunotherapy shot. We fly out in the morning. It's his first trip to meet my doctor, his first trip to New York, and I am giddy. We have always kept Dan home, working, to off-set the cost of travel, and the treatments, but it turns out Dan's job actually wanted him to take it off. The best part is that it was only $350 to include him! What a cheap date (as far as travel goes). We have dinners planned with friends, and hope to check out ground zero and are packing running shoes to explore Central Park. It's going to be unforgettable. I'm hoping this can be a way to celebrate our anniversaries that we forgot in 2013. We're often so caught up with work, MRI's, treatments, supplements, venom applications, and the daily grind of paperwork, bills, laundry, groceries, cooking, etc. that we forget big moments, big celebrations. You know how it is - we all get busy. We do a great job of celebrating, and laughing, and loving each other daily, but sometimes it's nice to enjoy big moments like our first date (the most romantic day of my life), or when Dan and I shared our vows underneath the Eiffel Tower, diagnosis day, or when we signed our marriage certificate. We certainly have a lot of monumental dates, days that forever changed our lives, and I think this trip will be a great reminder of those moments and the deep love that we share.

On another note, have you happened to notice the cute grey hat in the upper right hand corner? It is made by our friend Rachel, and all of the proceeds go to my medical account. It comes in other colors, and more than the amazing hat that she designed in my honor, you have got to check out her amazing Etsy store, That's Sew Yarn Cute. It has the most adorable handmade children's items, it makes me want to dress our cat. No Joke. Here's a couple of my favorites...aren't they cute?! You can click on her company name, or the grey hat in the upper right hand corner to visit her website. Or you can just click HERE.

DOG front and PAW-PRINT back of almost any breed custom baby bodysuit 

When Dan and I get home from New York, we'll be heading out for Friday Harbor for the Run Ladies Run fundraising race. That night there will be an island dance with free entry. There will be food and drinks available by donation at Brickworks. Everyone is invited! It's for all ages. There is no fee to get in, so please stop by from 5:00-9:00 pm Saturday. Come for a hello or a hug, or just to mingle with friends. It's a fundraiser, but more than that it's just a great way for Dan and I to thank everyone for the ongoing support. We feel very fortunate, very loved, and can't wait to say thank you in person.

I''ll write more information later in the week. Hope to see you!

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  1. I'm so excited for you! You both deserve a break - and fun! Enjoy. I bought a bunch of your magnets - so cute, I love them. Take care, have a great trip. dc


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