Friday, November 15, 2013

Komo 4 News Interview

For those who know my mom, you know she's a momma bear. I've been absolutely exhausted lately, so I turned off my alarms and decided to sleep in this morning. When I woke up at 11:00 am (whoah!), I had missed 9 phone calls. Eek! I panicked for a second, then soon found out that my mom had contacted Komo 4 News with the story of my missing Buddha. By 12:15 pm I was being interviewed by Matt Markovich (what an amazing guy). The piece will air tonight at 5:15 pm. Being as self absorbed as I am, I'm terrified. I'm sure I'll look and sound like a complete goober. Oh well. My hope is that somehow it will come across that you never know what people are going through. A silly prank, or theft, effects people. Maybe, just maybe, by getting the word out my sweet Buddha will reappear.

One more thing, I would have rather donated my sweet Buddha to a cancer fighter than have him holed up at someone's place under the cloak of darkness. He is to be loved, and cherished, and to spread happiness and joy. If I would have known that he would be stolen, I would have graciously passed him on to someone who needed him more. If we never see our Buddha again, all I can hope is that he continues to spread love, joy, happiness, and kindness in the hearts of the thieves.


  1. Oh get you - your a big star now! If you can send me a link I'd love to see it. I'm so glad your mum did that - its not fair as you've had your bike and Buddha stolen. I bet you will be inundated with not only love but lots of buddahs and your faith in human nature will be restored.


  2. Super job in your interview !! No goober, a precious, sweet GORGEOUS !!! young woman fighting for her life.

  3. People are twisted. But you are not. No explanation on why the hell people would be so bloody useless. BUT. You don't need that Buddha to know how strong you are.
    I'm not a runner but I've learnt to run. You are my inspiration. Forget the Buddha. I say that easily but I don't mean it easily. I also know it's really bloody easy to think about another than you.
    Girl, you rock.

  4. What an awesome way to tell a story very deeply from your heart. I loved your plea..."Please...bring it back and surprise me." May you be pleasantly surprised and I look forward to celebrating with you in the future!

  5. Jess you were absolutely adorable. Your mom sent us a notice as well. Hubby bill watched too and had tears rolling down his cheeks. Me too. We wish you the best.

  6. You were beautiful, as always, Jess! I so hope that they surprise you! But, regardless, what a great way to get your story out there; and hopefully you will have some other nice surprises from people who now know your story.

    Lots of love, as always,
    John, Steph and Octavia


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