Monday, November 25, 2013

A Free Range Life

First, I need to share that there is a new link to Astroctyoma Options on the blog (upper left hand corner). The tricky part is that you won't see it if you typically read the posts on a cell phone. Unfortunately, the blog has a different format that shows up when when accessing it mobile-y. I don't know how many people read the blog from their phones, and I don't know how to combat that issue so that everyone can see the links. If you read the blog from a typical computer you will see the link.

Also, I would like to share that Stephen worked with his fabulously talented brother to create Astrocytoma Options. Stephen did the verbiage, and his brother Michael did all of the website design. Pretty smart dudes. Michael clearly has an eye for design, and although I've never met him or corresponded, after checking out his design website, I immediately fell in love with his honesty, and humor. Not to mention his aesthetic. It looks like he's currently taking on new clients, feel free to check his design company Free Range Designs. His website is so cool that you'll enjoy surfing his site even if you aren't in the market for web design. Actually, he's so good that it will make you want to have your own website, even if you don't have anything to promote. He's that good.

On another note I have some super sweet news. I was contacted by a neighbor, here in Green Lake. The gentleman saw the Komo 4 News segment on our dear stolen Buddha, and brought his over. I now have a happy little Buddha to join me on my journey. I am continuously reminded by how wonderful people are. Even just today I had a comment on the old Buddha blog post with a wonderful family who was offering their Buddha. It's incredibly kind how many people have cared so much about my silly little theft-ipsode.

Here's a photo of our newly beloved Buddha: He's a cutie!

He seems a bit more pensive than my last Buddha, so maybe it will spur more depth in my thoughts. 

Also, from the weekend I'm sharing a fun photo from Saturday night. The colors, the scenery, the friends, it's just fun. Dan had his hands full! What a chap to escort us crazies around town. Not to mention he's a pretty great photographer.

Also, to sweet Maleka, thank you for the gift certificate to get my hair done. I actually have a hair-do now! It's so fun!! Gone are the days of my reverse mohawk! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate you very much. 

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  1. Awww....sweet Jessica!! You are so incredible and I would give you so much more if I could!! But to see you smile and to know you feel the beauty we all see in all the you do and all that you are inside and out makes me smile too!! You are welcome and you look stunning as usual!! I was so happy to surprise you as I LOVE to surprise people!! So happy that you have a Buddha again!! The world is full of amazement and love all around you! You are loved to pieces by me and every day you inspire me to be a better version of who I am!!


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