Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jiggity Jig

Today has been fabulous. Stephanie and I shared lunch at a quaint little farm-to-table spot (delicious!), then she joined me for Dr C's appointment. The trip has been calm, seamless, and I feel really pleased, excited even. It's nice to feel capable, to shrug off my fears (of traveling anyway). 

Here is the absolutely adorable, 13 days before her due date, Stephanie. (We missed you John!)

Seriously. She's just the cutest!

I'm at JFK now, and although my flight is delayed, I will be home soon. 


  1. Hope your flight is smooth sailing, once you're airborne. I also hope you had better weather than we've been having here, in Seattle.

  2. So pleased for you! Bet you feel so proud - its a great feeling to get some independence back. Go girl! Xxo

  3. I missed you, too, Jess!! You two look adorable and Steph had such a wonderful time with you. Onward and upward - you're a rockstar for doing this trip alone. You are ever the inspiration, in so many different ways.

    Lots of love,


  4. Jess! You are one strong Spartan, that is all I know!! YAY for travel alone!!! Wooohoooooo!

    The pleasure was all mine as I got to spend some awesome 'Jess time' with you! Keep your head up darlin!!! xoxoxo

    Massive hug and love,



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