Wednesday, June 19, 2013


It was recommended by a friend to remove the pages from Cancer as a Metabolic Disease off of the blog. Instead of posting the pages, please email me if you would like me to email them to you. I'm happy to share, but I do have to be careful so that I don't get in trouble or fined. Good old copyrights. I understand the concept of business, however, I feel strongly that grossly profiteering off of cancer is very ugly. Of course, that's just the world we live in, though. Not that my goofy little blog would fall onto the radar of the copyright police - but of course, I never thought I would get a brain tumor either. Now, it's not that Prof Seyfried is taking advantage of cancer patients, I just wish that people didn't have to pay $120 for a book to help save their life (blame it on the publishing company?). The information in that book is not out there in the world - you truly need the book in order to understand and follow the protocol. Of course, you don't need the entire text, most of it is discussing cancer metabolism and various research that is much more in depth than any cancer patient ever would need. But there are a few incredibly valuable chapters that all cancer patients deserve to have access to. Deserve is a very strong word, I realize, and really, does anyone "deserve" to have anything? Clearly you know my bias, and that's enough of that. So, leave your email address in the comments area and let me know if you'd like the information. As an aside, I do feel it's important to point out how grateful I am for prof Seyfried's work (as you know from other posts where I have raved about him), but I feel it's reasonable to admire and respect a person, but still be frustrated about a system (publishing monopolies & exorbitant pricing).

As for me, I'm off for a walk around the lake with my Aunt Anne. It's been almost two years! That's about the same time it had been since I had seen my cousins (different side of the family). This past and current week have been all about reuniting with family, and it is amazing!! A few weeks ago I told Danny that I'm feeling so much better that I've decided to say, "yes" to more opportunities with friends (and family). I want to live my life, not in fear, but in the true spirit of adventure and love. I want to love and laugh and explore (hence all the camping). It's working out gloriously! I feel like life just keeps getting better and better. PS Courtney, Kaal, Isla & TW, you're next! We're coming for you. Auntie Jess & Uncle Dan will be there in a couple of weeks...let the shenanigans begin!

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