Friday, August 31, 2012


Ok. Mom & I are flying to New York for a doctor appointment on Tuesday. It'll be a quick trip, just two days, then back home and I'm really excited! This is an exploratory appointment, and if it goes well, I might be going back on multiple occasions. This is exactly why my parents did the cherry fundraiser, so that I can go to the best doctors and get the most up-to-date treatment information. The doctor, Dr NYC, is all over the cancer community, pushing the boundaries of treatments. He's a genius who is deeply respected in the cancer world (he also specializes in fertility for those who might be interested), and is on the cutting edge of cancer research. Not to mention the fact that he "currently directs the world's largest database project on anti-cancer herbs," according to the clinic website. According to my research, and my girlfriend who is a patient, he is incredibly open minded about alternative treatments, and at the same time he has the western medicine knowledge and experience so that he combines the best of both worlds. This is so great!!

I have wanted to fly to New York to meet this man, and learn from him, but I haven't had a great sense of direction. It's always tough to make the final decisions in life, but luckily for me, this morning I received a sign! My girlfriend who is battling metastatic breast cancer mentioned Dr NYC, and I remembered us discussing how pleased she has been under his care. She was literally singing his praises when she found out I was curious about his reputation. This girl, or woman I should say, although I usually just call myself a girl - we're the same age (more or less), is one of the most well researched cancer patients, or humans for that matter! She's incredibly interesting and witty, curious, and out-of-the-box in her myriad of cancer therapies, most of which she has researched and discovered on her own (it seems). She's hands-on, and although we are an ocean apart, I feel like we're going into battle, side by side, with full armor. Hopefully L won't mind that I'm sharing our friendship, but it's important for me to include the catalyst for my new appointment.

Sometimes when I'm not blogging, actually quite often, I'm researching. This astro-hermie is never off my mind, or out of my mind for that matter :) I'm constantly planning my next plan of attack, and I've got a pretty sweet one figured out! The problem is that I can't explain it until I have all of the information from my multitude of doctors (it will take several conversations since there are so many). So, for now, please trust that I have quite the bunny up my sleeve. Things are looking better and better, and as I am able to give more information, I promise I will let you know. It could take months for me to be able to discuss, but like the youngest child that I am, I am HORRIBLE about secrets - especially my own.

I guess the biggest take-away from this post is that we are on a serious upswing, and I have a master plan. The best and most elaborate plan I've had since I was diagnosed. Fingers crossed that it will all work out!

Last night Dan and I took our nephew Casey to the preseason Seahawks game.

Holding hands as we walked through the crowd. Highlight of my night :)


  1. I know you can't share anything yet, but is this in conjunction with your UCLA plans? Is that still happening?

    Wishing you safe travels! Have fun on your quick trip to the Big Apple.

  2. "So Cal" PattiAugust 31, 2012 at 8:36 PM

    Sounds exciting and promising! Safe travels to you and your Mom! Love You!!! "So Cal" Patti

  3. How exciting!!! All of it!! Just because it's been a few years since you started this battle, doesn't mean that anyone has any less hope or confidence that you are going to win - I LOVE that you have this big secret master plan (so you). Now you just need to find the best doctors while they're on vacation so you can hit up all the awesome and exotic places as well. ;) You're doing amazing, friend! Oh and the pic, so sweet and heart melting. :)

  4. So proud of you!!!!!

  5. I just discovered Dr. Chang's book about using Cancer Cocktails. I'm a big fan of Ben Williams' book about how he used a cocktail to defeat his GBM. How did your meeting go with Dr. Chang?


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